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Milk Drinkers Milk Challenge #Cravendale

I admit it, I don’t drink a lot of milk, well not your run of the mill milk anyway. Buddy is the same, but when we came across Cravendale milk a number of years ago it all changed. I’m not sure what is different about the taste, but we all like it and since we were given the Milk Drinkers Milk Challenge, we have been going through 4 litres of milk a week rather than struggling to finish 2.

I do think it is the taste, Buddy will now ask for a glass of milk both with his breakfast and his supper, usually he opts for juice, so this is a good healthy option which makes me very happy.

It seems he’ll try to have it with anything, he even asked for a glass when have Ragu this evening. Generally he has toast and jam with his milk.

What do you have your glass
of ice cold milk with?

This post is an entry for Britmums #MilkDrinkersMilk Linky Challenge, sponsored by Cravendale

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Book review: A Better Man by Leah McLaren

What a fabulous read! I love reading but don’t often get much chance, but this book captivated me. I was away travelling and it was great to be able to pick up and read when I could. I even cried on the plane, it really was a brilliantly written book.

When Nick, a workaholic decides that he wants a divorce from his stay at home mum, Maya, he gets a nasty shock when his best friend, Gray, from college, one of the best divorce lawyers tells him, she would get most of his self-made fortune.

He asks his friend how he can minimise her payout and Gray tells him he needs to be a better husband and father to his twins. If Maya, we’re working (she was a hot shot divorce lawyer too before she had her twins) then she wouldn’t be seen as the dependent she is when a stay at home mum.

He decides to give it a go, and in the process he realises what he has been missing and actually starts to enjoy the new him. But what if she found out what he was planning?

I’ll leave the rest of this story for you to read. I loved it and will certainly look out for Leah McLaren again. It was very well written and I felt all the emotion and fun in this roller coaster journey.

A Better Man by Leah McLaren published by Corvus Books is available online and at all good bookshops in paperback rrp £7.99

Disclaimer: we were sent this book as part of the Britmums Book Club. All opinions are my own.

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Meal Planning Monday – 2nd November 2015

Meal Planning Monday

I’ve just read Eat, Nourish, Glow by Amelia Freer, what an eye opener – never really thought about nutrition in this way. We are taught to cut out fats, lower our cholesterol and count calories. I have been doing this and recently lost a stone, but now I’m stuck. Having read this book, it has made me realise why I’m stuck and that by eating little and often, I am actually doing myself a disservice. Clean eating is very popular right now, so if you have any recipes, please do share them. Following advice from a friend, I’m not going to implement everything all at once, I am going to phase myself into my new eating ways and make them habits. This week is partly inspired by the book, but I went to the butchers and bought some meat, so it needs eating :)

This week as our meal plan for part of the Meal Planning Monday linky, here is our plan:

Monday – Steak burgers with horseradish and chilli – the butcher had just made these and wanted some feedback, so how could I refuse. I’ll have mine without the roll with sweet potato chips.

Tuesday – Chilli baked potatoes, well I’m going to have a small one and bulk up on the salad

Wednesday – Venison steaks – We got these from the butchers and they look really yummy.

Thursday – Chicken strips marinated with chilli, lime and oil, served with salad and sweet potato chips – This is from Eat Nourish Glow book and it looks so lovely.

Friday – Mushroom tagliatelle – This is a recipe that we have adapted over time and it is a staple now.

Saturday – Pot Luck dinner – we have so many unlabelled things in the freezer that need eaten, so we’ll be using these up with a salad

Sunday – Roast chicken on Sunday – Going to get an extra big one so that I have portions for my lunches next week.

And that’s us for this week. If you have any suggestions on other things we should try, comment below and let us know, I love hearing what other people have it gives me real inspiration.

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