Meal Planning Monday – 22nd June 2015

Meal Planning Monday

I am so naughty today! I had two Krispy Kreme donuts. In fact I inhaled them. So this week I’m going to have to be extra specially good!

This week as our meal plan for part of the Meal Planning Monday linky, here is our plan:

Monday – Chicken Kiev – It’s swimming so we won’t eat til later on so got some chicken kievs for us tonight!

Tuesday – Pork with Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce – I was going to make pulled pork but I decided to use up the pork loin steaks I have in the freezer. We’ll blog about this later in the week!

Wednesday – Chilli baked potatoes – I made some chilli in the slow cooker last week. I was really impressed how it turned out as never used a packet before, but it was so tasty! We’ll have it on top of baked potatoes as this is quick and easy!

Thursday – Sausage & mash – We got sausages as part of our Muscle Food order so we are having sausage & mash with Grim’s homemade onion gravy that I have to say is delicious. I don’t normally like it. But maybe tastes have changed!

Friday – We are out on Friday night so I’m hoping to get something while we are out. Hint hint & not hubster has joined Facebook he might actually see this hint 😜

Saturday – Chicken Curry – We have lots of Chilipapas sachets in the house and they are so easy to make and very tasty. The spice mix is just right!

Sunday – Pork Stir Fry with Green Beans – This is a bit fiddly to make which is why I’ve left it for Sunday. That said the flavour of this dish is amazing even if it does smell when you make it.

And that’s us for this week. If you have any suggestions on other things we should try, comment below and let us know, I love hearing what other people have it gives me real inspiration.

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Review: Calypso all school day long lotion

Calypso all school day long lotion


We had a letter home from school recently asking the parents not to put sun tan lotion in the school bags of the children. I thought this was interesting, so I needed to find a way to put lotion on Buddy that would last him all day long. One of my friends thinks it’s hilarious at how pale Buddy is, but of course that means he burns really easily, so we need to be careful.

Calypso have developed this specifically for school children in mind, it means that you are safe in the knowledge that they are protected all day long and not need to worry.

I know I live in Scotland, but yes we do get sun and the UV can be quite high even if the sun is not out on a day.

The first day we used the sun tan lotion, I was pleasantly surprised. As kids, Dad had a chemist shop and he used a 24 hour lotion on us and it was so thick and quite frankly didn’t absorb into the skin, so you could see why you were protected. But this lotion was a little thicker than normal but went on smoothly and was completely absorbed.  It even smells nice!

We used it on the day of school sports which was interesting cause the children were outside half the day, so I was glad that he had some protection.

I think this is a good idea as otherwise by lunchtime, the children would no longer be protected. Perhaps nurseries should look at doing this to help them :)

Disclaimer: We were sent the Calypso all school day long lotion in return for this review. All opinions are our own.

Review: Eisberg Wine

Eisberg Wine & glassWith the new law on drinking in Scotland if you are designated driver it’s really not worth the risk to have one drink, so I’m always looking for alternatives so that I don’t find myself caught out.
Eisberg wine is a nice alternative to having soft drinks. They make all different kinds from Rosé, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon or Riesling. I tried the Reisling and it was nice, lighter taste than normal wine but tasted like wine rather than grape juice as it wasn’t sweet in the same way juice is. I likened it to the wine that I made myself which was lighter in alcohol.
The alcoholic-free wine is made in the same way as normal wine with the alcohol taken out at the last moment which is why it retains so much flavour.  It’s a nice change from juice and especially on a night out or when you have friends round and you can’t or don’t want to drink but you want to fill up on sugar or caffeine instead.
Eisberg is also great for anyone looking to cut down on their alcohol for fitness reasons too. The result is an alcohol-free wine containing less than 0.05% alcohol and only 34 calories per 125ml glass.
To find out more about Eisberg wine and the other varieties available visit Their website has mocktails and also food pairing to help you if you are throwing a dinner party and want some help in this.

Meal Planning Monday – 15th June 2015

Meal Planning Monday

Last week was a busy one what with Grim’s 40th and Buddy’s 6th birthdays. So this week is get back on track, healthy(ish) food. No junk! No drinking!

This week as our meal plan for part of the Meal Planning Monday linky, here is our plan:

Chilli baked potatoes – Monday is swimming so again something easy. I’ll make some chilli up for the boys to have tomorrow and we’ll have it on top of baked potatoes with sour cream and grated cheese.

Chicken Curry – we took friend’s advice and got ourself a delivery from Muscle Foods. Most of the stuff has been great and the amount of chicken you get for the deal is amazing. So we’re having one of the Schwartz curry sauces.

Steak with mustard mash – Grim did our shopping this week in Aldi. He was really impressed with the quality of the food for the amount he spent. So he got some peppered steaks and we’ll this with asparagus and mustard mash. Absolutely fab!

M&S meal – we had a voucher for M&S so we used it for some lovely food. We got some nice meals for Wednesdays when Grim has band and has to be out the door almost as soon as we get home :)

Chorizo burgers & chips – we got these from M&S recently and will serve them in brioche buns (my new favourite!)

And that’s us for this week. If you have any suggestions on other things we should try, comment below and let us know, I love hearing what other people have it gives me real inspiration.

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Tommee Tippee – For your little Prince or Princess

Tommee Tippee Bottles

For your little prince or princess

For your little prince or princess

As babies and young children my children have used Tommee Tippee product. I like the way it is designed both with parents and children/babies in mind. They are practical for us, don’t leak and work for the child or baby.

Even as toddlers the children have used and Bubbles still uses these with his bedtime milk so that he doesn’t spill it in his bed. I like the way they come apart for ease of cleaning and all go in the dishwasher too.

This week Tommee Tippee is celebrating the new royal arrival baby princess Charlotte with a limited edition Royal Baby collection available now exclusively in Mothercare.

The range from British brand tommee tippee® closer to nature® consists of 2 gift sets containing 2 bottles and 2 soothers in pink or blue- making it the perfect gift for any little prince or princess. There is also a 260ml individual bottle available. Each bottle has a unique celebration design with bunting and either the royal guard for boys or a royal carriage for girls, and comes in a gorgeous gift box.

If you or someone you know has just had or is expecting a baby around this time then it’s a lovely way to join in the celebration as well as having very practical and trustworthy bottles for your or a friend’s baby.

For more information visit their website

Meal Planning Monday – 18th May 2015

Meal Planning MondayI don’t think our children go to school on any Monday’s in May – Today is Victoria Day so the schools are off. Luckily I have an excellent holiday club who step in and offer childcare on most of the holidays otherwise I would be absolutely snookered.

This week as our meal plan for part of the Meal Planning Monday linky, here is our plan:

Slow cooked pulled pork

Slow cooked pulled pork

Slow Cooked Pulled Pork – I had the pleasure in reviewing and taste testing the slow cooker range from Schwartz and it was so tasty. I do have a few extra tips that I will share later in the week in the blog.

Pork marinated in chilli & lime – We didn’t have this last week, so it’s on the menu this week. I don’t think Grim really fancies it, but we’ll see.

Ragu – This is a staple in our house, everyone loves it and we have it weekly – here is my recipe from the lovely Nonno Guiseppe.

Chicken Curry – We have a choice of curry sauces this week. We have ChilliPappas and Schwartz to choose from, I’m thinking we will have the chicken balti and the boys will have the mild tikka marsala.

Gorgonzola pasta – When we were in Italy a number of years ago, G chose a pasta in one of Mom’s favourite restaurants and ever since then it’s an easy week night meal to pull together. We have adapted it over time and find that fresh pasta works so much better and only takes minutes from easy prep to eating :)

Baked Salmon – G likes sweet chilli sauce over the top of his salmon and I like just some spices, then we package them up in foil and bake in the oven for 15 minutes and serve with boiled new potatoes and green beans. So versatile and again an easy weeknight meal.

Garlic Beef Stir Fry – I am lucky where I work as there is a butcher in the foodhall. He is fabulous, there are lots of things we have tried and have rarely been disappointed. This stir fry is just fillet beef in a garlic marinade which we always fry up with a little onion and green pepper and it is absolutely delicious.

And that’s us for this week. We aren’t trying anything new this week. If you have any suggestions on other things we should try, comment below and let us know, I love hearing what other people have it gives me real inspiration.

Petits Filous – Magic Squares Playdates

Magic Squares Play Dates

Magic Squares Play Dates

Play dates in our house used to be a regular thing but since going back to work full time, fitting them in has been more difficult.

These days we get dinner dates and try as much as we can to make sure the boys are mixing with lots of different friends. Play dates can be anything from a friend coming round to play with the toys in the play rooms, to a Saturday night cinema room where all the kids get in the PJs and come to our house, we close the blinds & get covers for the kids and they watch a movie. We give them popcorn, juice and other treats to give them a nice cinema like experience. This Saturday it was Buddy, Bubbles and their friend Disney that watched a movie and thoroughly enjoyed their burger followed by the Petits Filous Magic Squares.
Disney enjoying Petits Filous Magic Squares

Disney enjoying Petits Filous Magic Squares

Bubbles enjoying Petits Filous Magic Squares

Bubbles enjoying Petits Filous Magic Squares

Buddy enjoying Petits Filous Magic Squares

Buddy enjoying Petits Filous Magic Squares

The kids love it and play so well together, once the film is finished everyone is already for bed when they get home.
Petits Filous Magic Squares

Petits Filous Magic Squares

This time we tried out Petits Filous and they were fabulous. The kids loved the mix of flavours, it comes in raspberry/vanilla and strawberry/vanilla. To be honest, neither was prefered over the other. They all loved both of them. The pots are slightly bigger which is great for my kids who are now 3 and 5 (almost 6) and they can have three each of the smaller ones and still ask for more!

What’s more, they Petits Filous also contain Calcium and Vitamin D for strong bones. In Scotland, we have had a recurrence of rickets, so I try to get my children to spend as much time outdoors as possible and ensure that our food has this included. So the likes of Petits Filous and fish are a main stay here.
Disclaimer: This post is an entry for BritMums #MagicSquaresPlaydates Linky Challenge, sponsored by Petits Filous.