My Saver Story – RBS Savings

piggy bank savings

I am pretty rubbish at saving money, I have learned over the years that there are so many different options and not all are fair. The reason I like the RBS savings accounts is that they treat everyone the same, every customer gets the same offer whether they are a new or existing customer. There is also some great advice for different milestones in your life, some of which will not be foreseen so it’s great to have somewhere you are look to when you need advice for your savings.

It’s not easy to save and it is something you need to work into your everyday lifestyle, it needs to be planned and you’ll see below, I have used some of the new tools from RBS to help me plan for the present and future. When asked the question what I would say to my younger self….. well you’ll need to read below!

In the past

When I was about 12, I saved up all of my pocket money to buy a TV for my bedroom. It was a really good one, Sony and beat the ones my friends had in their rooms, if they did at all. This was a great lesson to learn as a child, save up for things, don’t get credit. Well that’s what I should have taken from it! That TV lasted me until my first flat that I bought when I was 20, I think it lasted until I was about 22, so it was a great buy really.


At the moment I am saving up for a few things, we would like a new bathroom. We moved into this house two years ago and although we have done quite a few things that ‘needed’ done, we haven’t yet got round to getting the bathroom sorted. The person who lived here obviously did a few DIY things himself and they are not to my taste. I reckon a decent bathroom will set us back around £2,000. I have used this budget calculator by RBS to work out what we can save, so shouldn’t take too long. I’m hoping that by the end of 2015 we’ll get our new bathroom. If you are an RBS customer, you can also use their savings goal tool

In the Future
I’m 40 this year and I always recall my Mom telling me that when I started working, I should ensure that I set up a pension plan. She always worried about her retirement and not having enough, so she made sure we looked into this, so in my first job, I set up my pension plan and also got on the property ladder. I think it’s important to look at your provisions for later in life. I’ve been watching so many things recently about care plans for when you are older. Now this is something close to my heart as my grandparents live in England and because they had money this was all used to pay for my Grandfather’s care. So this is also something to consider too. So something important to save for.

What advice I would give my young self
The most important thing I have learned is to keep adding to your savings, don’t go and blow it all on the biggest, newest TV you can find. That really doesn’t matter. The TV/car/computer won’t last and when you are 70 and still paying a mortgage, you’ll wish you’d saved & paid it off so you could enjoy yourself and RELAX!

Both of my boys have RBS Savings and as we have a local branch, I like the fact that they can come with me to put their birthday and Christmas money in themselves. It’s a good thing to learn.

What are you saving for just now?

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Meal Planning Monday – 2nd February 2015

Meal Planning Monday

Back to work today, have enjoyed my few days off and made me realise how much I miss the days off to potter in the house and cook & bake.

This week as our meal plan for part of the Meal Planning Monday linky, here is our plan:

chilli con carneanother staple and done in the slow cooker it’s absolutely fabulous and makes a great topping for baked potatoes which Buddy is just starting to enjoy

Chicken CurryWe love curries and when I went to the Coop the other day they were selling off their truly irresistible range for 50p so I grabbed myself some of them to give them a go

salmon – Grim’s favourite is salmon, I’m not sure what we are going to do with it yet but I’m sure it will be yummy

Chicken fajitasAnother tasty favourite, easy week night meal too, fast & easy to do before my jewellery party on Wednesday

Ragu – This is a staple that we make monthly and then have once a week

And that’s us for this week. If you have any suggestions on other things we should try, comment below and let us know, I love hearing what other people have it gives me real inspiration.


The Dummy Fairy Has Been Again

Bubbles pretending to be a space man

Both of my children have had dummies, I never thought I would give them to them as I HATE them, not just dislike, HATE. But I was told by a midwife that I should as they helped babies with pain and this is really good. Anyway, you don’t want to hear details of my birthing experiences, that would put anyone off for life!!

So I gave in. Now I will try to find the post that I did for Buddy when the dummy fairy visited him. He was about 3, Bubbles had just been born and we decided a week before we got rid of the dummies that we were going to do this, so we kept telling him that the dummy fairy was coming on Sunday and we’d dig a hole and bury them in the garden and once he had done this, the dummy fairy would leave him a present. He spent so long admiring his handy work in the garden, Grim managed to get indoors to place the Woody character we had got for him in the house, he really believed in it.

So now Buddy is 5 and a half and his brother was due to give up his dummy. In actual fact I’ve tried twice, the first time he put them all in the bin then got his present and that night developed an ear infection and he kept vomiting and was so upset I got the one I had hidden away just in case to soothe him. Buddy has been explaining to Bubbles all about what happened to him and how he got Woody in return, but to no avail. Bubbles was wedded to it.

One afternoon about three weeks ago I tried again, this time Grim was out and when he came back Bubbles was screaming for his dummy and I was in tears. Bubbles went mental for about and hour and a half but I was trying my best.

So by this time I was scared to do it, but I was also absolutely determined that now it was going and I had to find a way to do it. I asked friends for advice on social media channels and decided to go with my friend Karen’s suggestion. She put stop n grow on her daughters two dummies and she tasted both of them, gave them back and never asked for them again. This seemed a simple solution. So the Thursday before using Stop n Grow I told Bubbles that he was too old for a dummy now and that the dummy fairy would come and put a spell on his dummies. She would make them taste horrible! I kept telling him this all weekend, everytime he put in his dummy I said it again. Then I asked the girls at nursery to hide his dummy in it’s tub near the front door and when I came in that evening I would put on a tiny spot of stop n grow and pop it in his tray. When I picked him up, I said again about it, I asked him if he had seen the dummy fairy. He bent down to his tray, opened the tub shoved his dummy inside, looked at me, started to pull a face then vomited all of the carpet.

Now that was not what I was expecting! I cleaned him up and threw away the dummy and although he has asked for it a few times, he has not really bothered about it at all.

His teeth are almost normal again, not sticking out and his ulcer that the dummy had cause is receding.

Bubbles sleeping with dummy

RIP dummies xxx.

Meal Planning Monday – 19th January 2015

Meal Planning Monday

This week is a tad of a busy one for me as it’s launch of spring this week at work so I’m tooing and froing from our Livingston store.

I am secretly hoping that G will do all of the cooking this week as think I might just want to sit down, but we’ll see.

This week as our meal plan for part of the Meal Planning Monday linky, here is our plan:

paparedelle with mushrooms & cream This is from The Greedy Italians recipe book and OMG it is so simple but so so tasty.

Chicken CurryWe love curries in our house and Grim is making this from scratch, I am looking forward to it. Going to use my Pampered Chef Rice Cooker that gives us perfect fluffy rice every time.

salmon with chinese topping – Grim’s favourite is salmon, He made up a topping the other day with five spice, garlic, fresh ginger and lemon juice and it was extremely good.

Chilli tomato pastaThis again is from The Greedy Italians recipe book and it’s so simple, there are barely any ingredients but the taste is immense. This is possibly the most simple recipe we make.

Chorizo meatballs These are meatballs that Grim bought from Costco, they are so simple to make and taste just like massive chunks of chorizo. I love the flavour of them and add in a simple tomato sauce and serve with spaghetti. They are quite spicy but we have been giving Bubbles left overs for his dinners the next day at nursery and he wolfed these down last week.

And that’s us for this week. If you have any suggestions on other things we should try, comment below and let us know, I love hearing what other people have it gives me real inspiration.


Meal Planning Monday – 5th January 2015

Meal Planning Monday

So it’s a New Year – Happy New Year all!

As I’ve been on holiday I’ve been planning things, so this week we are off to a good start and today I made all of the lunches and dinners until Wednesday. I know that is not the whole week, but it’s a start and I want it to continue as this is the only way I’m going to eat healthily, I find that if I don’t take food with me to work, I snack on naughty things. Can of coke being the first choice (so naughty!)

This week as our meal plan for part of the Meal Planning Monday linky, here is our plan:

Chicken casserole I made this in the slow cooker, not sure what it will taste like. There is enough for all four of us and some left over for next week, so I hope that it’s good.

Ragu – we have this once a week, the boys love it and I have to say it’s great, I love it

salmon and green beans – Grim’s favourite is salmon, so we are having this as part of the meal plan this week. I am just having it plain but Grim will have sweet chilli sauce over the top before we bake it in the oven.

mince tacos – last time I had this was at my brother’s and his wife made it. It was so tasty so we thought we would give it a try this week. I think the boys will love it!

Chicken & pancetta pie – We cheat and make this majorly easy chicken pie .

And that’s us for this week. If you have any suggestions on other things we should try, comment below and let us know, I love hearing what other people have it gives me real inspiration.