Meal Planning Monday – 17th March 2014

Meal Planning Monday

It’s almost the first official day of spring (20th March) and for some of the UK it’s been gorgeous weather. Our daffodils are out in Scotland, which given that this time last year, we had snow. I’m very impressed. We won’t be rushing to get the BBQ out yet, but it won’t be far off.

As part of the Meal Planning Monday linky, this is our meal plan for the week:

Monday – left overs, Grim had curry & I had a Brids Eye fish burger that was in the freezer

Tuesday – Lemon sole with green beans and a butter sauce with boiled potatoes

Wednesday – Baked Salmon, veg and potatoes

Thursday – Feta and spinach frittata with wild garlic (from my foraging course I went on, what a lovely idea)

Friday – Sweet potato, spinach and chick pea curry

Saturday – Pollack and paprika chowder

Sunday – Chicken Curry, homemade naan bread and rice

We link up with Mrs M for the Meal Planning Monday.


Meal Planning Monday – Budget Meal Plan From the Freezer!

On a budgetI know it’s not Monday today, but we have been doing this week’s Meal Plan from our freezer. There are two reasons for this: I’m trying to run down my freezer so that I can defrost it; and I have just invested in a cleaner, so I need to find the pennies somewhere to pay for that and it’s from my weekly housekeeping budget that this has got to come from.

Inside my freezer

So here is our budget meal plan from the freezer as part of Meal Planning Monday post by Mrs M:

Monday: Chicken Pasta – I had a bit of creme fraiche left over from last weekend and seem to have four random breasts of chicken in the freezer, that I’ve obviously bought then decided not to cook all of it so I have used one tonight in this meal.

Tuesday: Cod & Paprika Chowder – I have to say this was as yummy as it was when I made it last week and froze the remainder. We had it with bread and butter and it was so tasty.

Wednesday: Ragu – This is the last of this month’s freezer fill of our Ragu, we had it with macaroni as I’d forgotten to get spaghetti. But do you know what I think it was so much more tasty. I have to be honest, spaghetti is my least favourite pasta, but I LOVE ragu!

Thursday: Baked potatoes with chicken curry and boy was it tasty. We had a little bit of thai red curry left over and it went perfectly.

Friday: Grim is out tonight, think I’ll eat something with the boys. I am thinking homemade pizza and putting stilton (that I have a massive lump in the freezer) on my section :)

Saturday: We are looking for a recipe to have with our haddock, hmmmmm, not sure what yet, maybe fish burgers in buns – If you have any recipes, then let me know, I’d love to try them!

Sunday: This is going to be the exception, we are going to go to the butcher on Saturday and get a joint of beef and have the full works. I am going to buy extra and slice it thinly when cold and freeze it until next week when Grim can have it in his sandwiches.

Meal Planning Monday


Meal Planning Monday – 24th February 2014

Meal Planning Monday

This week as our meal plan for part of the Meal Planning Monday linky, we are going for some new recipes, I got a book from my good friend Sarah at Christmas time called Home at 7, Dinner at 8 and it’s got some real gems in there. If you are someone like me who loves to cook good wholesome food but never seems to get round to it, this book is for you. I’ll let you know which of the recipes are from it:

Monday – Cod & Paprika Chowder, this is from the cookbook and it’s a lovely take on a chowder. Good wholesome food. This would also work well with Monkfish or Hake as they too are meaty fish, so might change it up a little for variation.

Tuesday – Chicken Taglietelle – This is a new recipe that I concocted one night that Grim was at the rugby. It’s absolutely delicious. If you want the recipe, let me know and I’ll post it for you.

Wednesday – Another one from the cookbook is Squid, Chorizo, Feta and Chickpea Salad. The picture of this in the book is absolutely fabulous and I’m really looking forward to it. The thing is that although I love seafood and especially squid it is not something I have ever tried to cook before. I know from experts that the key is to not overcook it, it’s a challenge :)

Thursday – I am heading out tonight for a Psychic night in aid of Breast Cancer Care so we need something quick and easy. I am going to make a massive vat of macaroni cheese, the boys love this and so do we so it’ll be a winner

Friday – We still have some venison chilli left in the freezer so we are going to have baked potatoes and chilli and cheese. Yummy

Saturday – Our special Ragu recipe. We have this once a week and as we all eat together on a Saturday and I know the boys will eat Ragu without any fuss, this is the perfect Saturday night in.

Sunday – Grim is away overnight in Liverpool, so I’ve invited Grandma and Grandad round for tea to see the boys and have time with them. I saw that there was a lovely pork joint on offer in Lidl later this week, so I’ll go and pick it up as I know they like pork.

And that’s us for this week. If you have any suggestions on other things we should try, comment below and let us know, I love hearing what other people have it gives me real inspiration.


Meal Planning Monday – 3rd February 2014

Meal Planning Monday

We are not having anything new this week but trying to have some things that the boys will eat too as we try to get to making one meal per night rather than two. As part of our meal planning Monday linky, hosted by Mrs M. We are having the following:

Monday – Coley with a piri piri crust with rice and sweetcorn

Tuesday - Cottage pie

Wednesday - I am out for a ladies night at The Sun Inn (very much looking forward to it) so Grim is having baked salmon, mash and broccoli. I have no idea what I’m having but it starts with a glass of prosecco :D

Thursday - Ragu

Friday - Beef Stir Fry

Saturday – Fish pie

Sunday - Roast chicken – We’ll use the left overs if there are any for dinner tomorrow night :)

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Meal Planning Monday – 27th January 2014

Meal Planning Monday

I can’t believe as I’m writing this, January is coming to a close. This year looks like it’s going to go faster than last year at this rate!  Our meal plan for the meal planning Monday linky is filling up with our standard dishes, I totally forgot to ask Buddy what he was wanting to eat this week. We’ll try that next week

Monday – Ragu and spaghetti

Tuesday - Chicken stir fry

Wednesday - Homemade pizzas

Thursday - Chicken and butter bean stew

Friday - Tuna pasta

Saturday – Chilli con carne and homemade chips

Sunday - Fish pie – I used fresh parsley last week as I had some left over and my word it transformed my sauce so will be giving this a go again. It was the best fish pie I’ve ever had!!

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Meal Planning Monday – 20th January 2014

Meal Planning Monday

This is our first meal plan on the blog for 2014. We did one last week and the week previous, but I’ve not been near the computer, not really sure why, but haven’t done any blogging over the break.  Our meal plan for the meal planning Monday linky is filling up with our standard routines, but as of next week we will be including Buddy’s meal plan that he wants to do himself, this should be fun ;)

Monday – Homemade fries with haddock with a topping of fresh coriander and red chilli and a little olive oil

Tuesday - Tuna pasta

Wednesday - Drambuie hot smoked salmon from Delish Fish. I think I’ll serve it with boiled potatoes and a salad

Thursday - Chilli con carne with some venison mince I have in the freezer from The Seriously Good Venison Company. It is seriously good :)

Friday - Homemade pizzas. Buddy loves making his own one.

Saturday - Ragu and spaghetti

Sunday – Not sure about Sunday yet. Going to head to the butcher on Saturday so we’ll see what looks nice!

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Meal Planning Monday – 30th December 2013

Meal Planning Monday

I know I’ve said this lots recently, but I can’t believe that 2013 is now coming to a close. My baby has now turned into a proper little boy who will be 21 months on Wednesday. Jeezo, that is quite startling, it has gone so fast.

Our meal plan for the meal planning Monday linky is pretty standard, this week I’m going to head over to Mrs M to get inspiration from the others:

Monday – mushroom stroganoff for meat free Monday

Tuesday – prawn cocktail to start then steak & chips

Wednesday – chilli con carne – we’ll all have this :)

Thursday – we are out at Helen’s tonight for a family meal, should be fun but not sure what we are eating yet

Friday – Haddock with punjabi spice & rice, this recipe was something I made up following a conversation with a colleague who had tried this at a local Indian restaurant. It is so tasty and the sweetness of the haddock really works.

Saturday – Salmon, broccoli & mash. This is one of Grim’s favourites.

Sunday – Not sure about Sunday yet. Going to head to the butcher on Saturday so we’ll see what looks nice!

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Meal Planning Monday – 16th December 2013

Meal Planning Monday

Wow it’s my last week in the office before the New Year. Where on earth has 2013 gone? I’m sitting here trying to comprehend how fast this year has gone. Has anyone else felt that way?

Our meal plan for the meal planning Monday linky over on At Home with Mrs M:

Monday – sausage casserole, this was the last from the massive batch cook I did.

Tuesday – Giovanni Rana Ravioli, I’ll make a simple pasta sauce to go with this for our review.

Wednesday – I am out at a friend’s for a girlie night in so G will have salmon, peas & potatoes (well that’s my plan, be the get’s a takeaway!)

Thursday – kedgeree

Friday – Baked potatoes & cheese & beans

Saturday – We are going out to The Sun Inn for a pre Christmas treat :)

Sunday – Not sure about Sunday yet. Going to head to the butcher on Saturday so we’ll see what looks nice!

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Meal Planning Monday – 9th December 2013

Meal Planning Monday

Grim is out at band lots this week with his upcoming gig on Friday, so I’ll eat most nights with the boys. Here is our meal plan for part of the meal planning Monday linky:

Monday – Beef stroganoff - This is left over from our Rodda’s Clotted Cream review

Tuesday – Sausage pasta – There are left over sausages from our breakfast on Sunday so I thought I would put them to good use.

Wednesday – The last of our venison ragu.

Thursday – Chicken curry

Friday – Fish bites and chips for the boys & I

Saturday – Sausage casserole & mash

Sunday – Salmon fishcakes

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Meal Planning Monday – 2nd December 2013

Meal Planning Monday

I have got a few blogs that I have to do with recipes and the like, so this week we are having a bit of a different week as well. I hope it gives someone else inspiration to try new things. Today I’ve been at the nursery making vine leaves so they are presently simmering away on the hob, I will blog the recipe later on in the week.

Here is our meal plan for part of the meal planning Monday linky:

Monday – Sausage casserole, we have lots of left over mash so we’ll use it up with this scrumptious casserole that I made a few weeks back and froze

Tuesday – We are doing a review for Rodda’s Clotted Cream from Cornwall and so tonight we are doing their recipe of beef stroganoff. Can’t wait to try it, all of the other goodies they sent through like the fudge and shortbread have been divine

Wednesday – G is out at band tonight so I will have dinner with the boys, we are going to make our own fish goujons with rice crispie coating, they are so tasty.

Thursday - Ragu - I’m away in Newcastle, so G is taking the day off to look after the kids, I’ll leave out some ragu for them all as this is a favourite for all of us, this is the last of our venison mince ragu too, so we’ll need to get ourselves some more.

Friday – G is out at his Christmas night out tonight so I’m going to make pizza with the boys

Saturday – Chicken curry, I promised I’d blog the recipe, so click through and view it, it’s really simple and my goodness, so tasty. Let me know how you get on.

Sunday – Roast chicken with the trimmings with yorkshire puddings. I made some yesterday using a friend’s Pampered Chef stoneware muffin pan and OMG, they were the biggest, bestest yorkshire puddings I’ve ever had. I’ll blog the recipe next week. Lesley is running a Cyber Monday offer today so get yourself over to her Facebook page

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