Buddy is a little comedian

Buddy is really growing up. I realised how far advanced he was as soon as he came home after I had had Bubbles and he has continued to be a little sponge. He makes me giggle so much, but oh dear makes me cringe sometimes too. Here are some little stories from the past couple of weeks:

Mobile phone

A few months ago we were in Tesco and I was at the checkout and I dropped my eyes to the bag I was packing for one second and he was gone! Panic stations, OMG, where is he? My eyes frantically darted all over the place until I came to rest on the pretty young girl in the Tesco Mobile Phone shop. Buddy was chatting away to her and she gave him one of their old dummy phones. Phew!

He takes this phone with him everywhere and he calls his two friends, Aaron and Sidney. The conversation is always the same with the exception of the name ‘Hello Disney (For some reason he calls Sidney, Disney), hello, how are you?, how are you?, how are you? (he says this in quick succession as he struts around the house – don’t know where he get’s the talking & walking from *hangs head*) I’m fine. I’m so happy my friend. Ok that’s great, bye then, bye.’ Slams phone shut only to open it two seconds later to the other friend. It makes me laugh every time, he loves the phone.

When Nonna is on the real phone he doesn’t say a word, well apart from ‘look’ and points to something in the house and as Nonna is not as technically gifted as the rest of us, Skype is not something we do often!

Falling over

Buddy has taken to pretend falling over, he will do it anywhere and pretend to hurt himself and come running to me ‘Mummy, I need arnica’ ah right, so I have said that once too often, but hey I reckon that’s better for them than Calpol or anything else.

He did fall over in the garden the other day and there were lots of tears, but one arnica tablet cleared it all away and on asking him if he wanted a plaster, he asked for a spot on the other knee!


I was chatting to a fellow tweepie, but have no idea who now (sorry, let me know I know you were in Munich recently and weren’t sure whether to come home but I’m not following you anymore and I definitely was. Let me know if you read this!) and I used the phrase ‘Get a wiggle on’ she came back and said her kids always wiggled their bums when she said it. Well Buddy does too. It’s so funny, if he’s walking he needs to stop and concentrate on wiggling his bum. So cute and funny, if I get it on camera I can show future girlfriends – or is that just too cruel?

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4 thoughts on “Buddy is a little comedian

  1. notsosuperscottishmummy

    actually lolled at the phone conversation. Maisie wants to speak to anyone that I speak to on the phone and gets really screechy. I had the wine club man on the phone the other day and she is screeching away in the background, so I told her to stop screeching and be patient, poor man thought I was telling hime to be patient!!! Embarassed.com!


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