Buddy’s Backseat Babbles #3 Grandad’s allotment

As we drive Buddy and I have the funniest of conversations, I like to note his backseat babbles down so that we have a record of them, but they are also funny for others to read.

Yesterday, we were meant to have someone viewing our house, which is presently for sale. Click here if you are interested in buying it, so we shipped out to soft play at Clambers, The Commie Pool, Edinburgh.

On the way back Buddy & I were having a conversation about sandwiches, it’s really funny the things that children say, this is how it went:

Me: ‘Ok Buddy so we have some tuna sandwiches for you to eat as a picnic in the car’
Buddy: ‘Ok, that’s like at Grandad’s allotment, I have tuna sandwiches there too’
Me: ‘yes that’s right, you had tuna sandwiches there. What else was there?’
Buddy: ‘Carrots, tomatoes, tomato soup, ketchup & peas’
Me: ‘Well Grandad grows tomatoes & I suppose we could use them to make soup & ketchup’
Buddy ‘Ok. In allotment Grandad uses his knees’
Me: As I recall he was playing with Grandad’s pad for his knees ‘Ah, yes he does’
Buddy: ‘And his legs, ok. Then he uses his knees to plant the lettuce’

Just then we drive passed the Chinese banquet that we have been twice with Grandma & Grandad and Buddy says ‘Mummy, we need to go there on Tuesday for dinner with Grandma & Grandad’ He picks up so much now, it really amazes me, and as you can see, makes me laugh too!

Disclaimer: The picture used in this post is copyright of Mr & Mrs W T Dunlop

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2 thoughts on “Buddy’s Backseat Babbles #3 Grandad’s allotment

  1. Aileen

    That was so funny. Little one in back of my car a few weeks’ ago while I am reversing into parking space, “Keep going….keep going….”! House for sale??

    1. Mummysknee Post author

      Yes, they are so funny. Buddy does similar! Yes we have house on market. Want to stay local but with more bedrooms!


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