Buddy’s Backseat Babbles – Music

This is the story of Buddy, my three year old, as we drive we have some really interesting conversations, well this one is about music. We call is Buddy’s backseat Babbles.

‘mummy, where is daddy tonight’
‘he is at band, Buddy’
‘Playing his kidtar’
‘yes, he is’

When we get home he goes into the downstairs toilet where there is a large Velvet Revolver poster on the wall.

‘Buddy, who is in this poster?’
‘Eh no, this is another band.’
‘Yes this is Welwet Rewolwer’
‘Yes it is, but Daddy doesn’t play in this band, he would love to though’
‘Yes he is, Daddy is the singer’
I couldn’t continue the conversation for laughing. Grim can’t sing & although it’s his dream to be in Velvet Revolver, it’s a pipe dream. Wonder if that’s what he’s been telling Buddy. Wouldn’t be surprised :)



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