Our trip to Birmingham

I really didn't think I'd get to see my nana this week as our car went in for a service on Monday and as I left the garage it broke down. It is, as we speak, in pieces on the garage floor trying to work out what the hell went wrong. They only changed an oil filter!


So with a prepaid hotel, we had to make our journey, the week itself has been extremely stressful wondering how we would make trip, then the garage offered to hire us a car. Oh and that had gone by the time they called back and so we are now insured for one of their cars. Phew!


We got here yesterday and I'm sure all of you who have got kids will appreciate it's not an easy journey. I pointed. To a combine harvester in a field about had way down the road, so the rest of the journey was, ' look muuuuuuummmm! Is that a combine harvester?' at every single truck that went past. Argh, I was going demented!


We got here to Grim saying that his company used to own the hotel ten years ago & that nothing has been spent on it since. Ah! The room is ok, a bit dusted & dated, but there is a cot for Bubbles and a pull out bed for Buddy and they all seem clean.


The food in the bar is expensive! Both nights we have had dinner there and it's over £50 once you have some wine. Ah well, today I introduced Buddy & Bubbles to Their Great Nan and I swear they were all so happy, full of smiles. Great pics and a lovely sight. My Nana was 87 yesterday that's why we came down this week.


Some learning points from this last week are as follows:

  • Always have back up travel plans
  • Never prepay a hotel, you never know what will happen
  • Smile lots, it makes you feel good
  • Drink wine, lots of it!!
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