Review: Cow & Gate 5 Step Weaning Plan

I’m not going to pretend I have never really used Cow & Gate before, I suppose it comes from wanting to give my children organic food, but when Cow & Gate contacted me to chat to me about the report they had done into baby food and how mother’s feel about feeding their children, most of us feel like we are doing a bad job. I know that is why I actively chose organic food for Buddy, but with Bubbles I hadn’t really thought about it before I realised weaning was upon us. When I chatted to the team at Cow & Gate I learned that they ensure apples for instance come from fields that are away from pollution and they use minimal pesticides. This made me see Cow & Gate in a different light. They call it baby grade ingredients.

They have used the research to put together a 5 step weaning plan and I have to say I am impressed. It is full of easy recipes right from the first food up to getting 3 meals a day for your baby. There are charts you can fill in to track your baby’s progress. As with any budgeting mum, the coupons are a bonus and well received, these are on the back of your shopping list which is perforated for easy removal. You can even remove the sheets of tracking the progress if you wanted to save them for your baby’s progress.

The 5 step weaning plan is just that and if you have any questions there is a careline that you can call. I called to ask them a few questions yesterday and was impressed with the responses I got, very friendly and extremely informative.

You may say, ah well, she’s done it all before. But I tell you, I have forgotten everything from Buddy. Think I’ve blocked it out if I’m honest. So the plan has been a lovely refresher. I also used baby led weaning with Buddy but Bubbles just get’s frustrated as he is so hungry and screams at me until the food it actually in his mouth and he’s eating it. It just shows you they are all different.

The only thing this plan doesn’t help you with is the mess that you have to clear up from a rather hungry baby!

Verdict: We love the 5 step weaning plan, it is a good way to track progress as well as giving you the help & support you need to feel confident as a mother feeding their baby.

Here are a few links for you:

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Disclaimer: We were sent the 5 step weaning plan and a couple of samples to test for the purpose of this review. All the opinions are our own.

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