Should Schools Police Packed Lunches?

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I am a self confessed foodie, I like nothing more than cooking and making meals that everyone enjoys, but in reality, my kids are super fussy and although G will eat most things, he can sometimes be fussy too. But I do try to give us all a varied diet whether that be through packed lunches at school or evening meals and snacks.  We’ve recently introduced supper too as the boys are really hungry come bedtime.

I have been compelled to write this post as through the post this morning, we received The Week Junior for Buddy – He really struggled getting into reading at school and he really enjoys reading these little snippets and actually he’s not progressed onto all of the wide array of books people kindly gave him for his birthday in June – Yes ok, I’m digressing! But you know me, I’m just trying to set the scene!

I think this is absolutely absurd, don’t get me wrong, I do agree we have an obesity issue but I don’t believe it’s all down to what we are eating.  Of course this is a major factor, but we don’t drink enough water and we are more sedentary these days – So rather than schools checking what we have in our packed lunch boxes, get the kids outside, doing some exercise, encourage them to enjoy this as part of a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Again, I do agree, these fatty, sugary items in packed lunch boxes on a daily basis can play a part in obesity levels rising, but that’s my job as a parent to manage that and try to get my children to eat a healthy balanced diet.

I am also going to have a rant about school dinners, I don’t think these are a healthier alternative to the packed lunch either, I have no idea what my children eat at school, maybe a sandwich, but rarely the hot food.  My children opt for sandwich or a baked potato which is fine occasionally but I don’t think that’s balanced either and I’d much rather know what they have and haven’t eaten from the packed lunch than, leave it to chance.

We are in Scotland and I think this is only happening in schools in England just now, but still, we need to stop this before it gets out of hand!

The Week Junior have a poll going, so visit them here voting YES if you think schools should be allowed to police packed lunches, or NO if you don’t.

Sorry, I will climb off my soap box now, but I’m really keen to hear what you have to say about this?

2 thoughts on “Should Schools Police Packed Lunches?

  1. Angeline

    I don’t think that they should be policed. its a parental right and responsibility and its something that schools don’t need to weigh in on. my daughters school does ask that the kids bring water in their water bottles instead of anything else which I feel is ok to say. getting outside, encouraging the kids through school work , the benefits of healthy eating, is far better. I think kids and families are at risk of being judged if they start policing kids lunches and I think it makes kids targets.

  2. chickenruby

    i’ve never thought school dinners to be a healthier option, too much wheat and desserts are always stodgy. I know they have healthy options, but give me the choice of pizza or salad or custard or yogurt and i know which one i’d pick


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