What makes you most proud as a parent?

I know I’ve recently posted about Buddy not behaving, but really he is a good kid. He just knows how to push my buttons & we are both quite strong willed people so we both want our own way and not have anyone tell us what to do. We’ll get there.

But I thought I’d let you know of a heart melting moment I had when I took him to nursery the day after my post about him being a rascal. I was telling on of the classroom assistants about it and she said to me. ‘really? He is so well behaved here. He has really good manners too always saying thank you and things’ I was so proud, I can’t tell you. I am trying my best & I don’t mean to shout, but sometimes It just happens, but when you hear other people think your child is polite and refers to people by their names when he addresses them, I think he is a really good child.

Today he wanted to help me clean, so he finished his work I’d given him (not child labour I promise as he wanted to do it) he came through put up both his thumbs and said ‘I’m a good boy, I help Mummy clean!’ was so proud again!

You would think that was it for one day but for the who have been following my blog for a while, you will know that a buddy eats fruit but will not touch any veg and he makes himself physically sick at the table when he eats them or thinks that you have snuck them into his mouth, we another proud mummy moment came today when for the second day in a row his Cbeebies magazine remained on the top of the book shelf because the deal was he had to eat at least a tiny bite of veg. Now he could choose what the veg was, but he refused, so I chose broccoli he spat it out. Ok so he keeps asking for his magazine, so I keep saying no because he’s not eaten his veg. I offered him the veg again and he said he would try a carrot, I cut a tiny round of carrot and he bit, chewed, choked or coughed out four pieces of carrot. He said mummy I have tried, but I can’t do it! Well I assured him that he could, he just needed to chew it properly before swallowing, anyway he did it and said he liked it and he finally got his reward of his magazine. I am so proud, it’s a start at least!


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4 thoughts on “What makes you most proud as a parent?

  1. Elspeth

    It is such hard work… Well done!! I wish I knew how they know ‘it’s a vegetable so I won’t eat it’ – so frustrating!! Good luck. H is super fussy, S really improved when he started eating at school and tries anything now!

    1. mummysknee Post author

      yes it is frustrating but I’m sure they all do it at some point. G Man is fussy himself so we can’t really complain. That’s interesting that S started eating them when going to school, I do think it’s phase at least I hope so. I’m going to make some courgette muffins this afternoon as he eats them and it’s a way of hiding veg :-)


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