Tiddler, Tiddler, TIDDLER’S LATE!!!!

We went to see Tiddler as Buddy & Bubble’s first ever Edinburgh Festival show and we were a little nervous if we are honest. Last time Buddy went to the theatre, he went with Grim and screamed the whole way through it. He still talks about how the numbers, from Numberjacks were too big and scary, but weirdly Spooky Spoon was ok!

Ah well, I digress….. got a coffee, but the ice cream machine wasn’t working. The sun was beating down and we decided to queue up. ¬†Toddlers and queueing are not a good combination especially when there is a sweetie stall right beside us. Sigh! I wish they weren’t allowed to do that, we’d already spent ¬£29 for tickets and it was a little annoying. That was until we got inside, we have been in the Udderbelly a few times, but never sober! We took our seats and the show started soon after.

I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was not disappointed. It was full of songs and the humour from the books really came through. They performed Monkey Puzzle, A Squash & A Squeeze, Tiddler & The Smartest Giant in Town. The acting was fabulous, it was really energetic, yet simple set up. Buddy loved it, he laughed & smiled the whole way through. This is what he said:

We went to the upside down cow & saw Tiggler, it was fun. They sang, danced and we clapped. I loved Tiggler and I got a poster. The upside down cow was purple. Isaac was there too. It was fun! Can we go again today?

I think you could safely say that it went down well. Sadly we wont be going again, but please, if you fancy going to see something in the Festival, give this one a try. It was excellent and we all really enjoyed it.

When we left Buddy was given a poster and he is so proud of the poster and it has the Fish is the dish campaign as a supporter, so that made me smile too. Well done team!

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2 thoughts on “Tiddler, Tiddler, TIDDLER’S LATE!!!!

    1. Mummysknee Post author

      It’s on for whole Festival it was excellent, although if you do go beware of the sweetie stall outside


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