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Last night I was kindly invited to attend A Taste of Science with John Torode.  The flyer sounds fantastic and the venue, I’d heard lots about but had never been.

We started the evening with a drink reception, which was all very glitz and glamour and we were all asked to wear lounge suits. I never truly understand this, guys tend to wear their office suits whilst us ladies are meant to wear a short cocktail dress. I’m not about to buy a maternity cocktail dress for a one off, so I borrowed a lovely top from a friend and wore my trusted black trousers.

We were all ushered down to dinner by the fabulous staff at The Science Centre, they were military in their organisation of the event (well done!)

We were at table 23 so got a good pew to have a look at John Torode when he took to the stage.  We didn’t have to wait long, he was on at about 7.15pm. I think he spoke for about 20 minutes, then took some questions. His speech was interesting, but he didn’t engage with the crowd in the way I thought he would. I’m sure he called the audience ‘Dull’ at one point!  The Q&A was about five questions, a little disappointing, as it didn’t last very long.

We then had the starter. Now when I talk about this food, I do appreciate that it is hard work to feed around 300 guests (my guestimate of how many people attended) but you have to manage the expectations. I wonder whether John had anything to do with the menu – I don’t think he did, so why was he the keynote – It didn’t quite work for me.

I wish I’d taken pics cause the plates looked good. Note to self: charge phone before going out in evening! So apologies for lack of shots.

Starter – James Watt‘s Seafood Steamer
Blood orange and salt flake cured salmon, crayfish and white vinegar jelly with pea shoot, broad bean and fennel salad.

The pea shoots were a bit wilted, but apart from that it tasted ok.

Sorbet – John Logie Baird‘s Sorbet Vision
Watermelon, star anis and cassis sorbet encased in mandarin and vanilla, salted cinder toffee wafer

Sorbet is meant to be a palate cleanser – This was not that at all.

Main CourseAlexander Graham Bell‘s Lamb Calling
Roast rump of lamb, butter poached Charlotte potato, black truffle, pickled chestnuts, artichokes hearts with caramelised onion, anchovy and rosemary sauce.

I had to send mine back cause the lamb was served pink (the perfect way to serve it, but being pregnant, I had to be safe and ask for well done) they obliged and it was great. The potatoes was quite large and weren’t quite cooked enough and I told a colleague it had nuts in it but I didn’t know what they were – rereading the menu at this point would have told me they were chestnuts.

Desert – Alexander Fleming‘s Cure-All Chocolate
Chocolate granache twist, lychee gel, black shortbread crumb, freeze dried raspberry and basil ice cream, lavendar and vodka jelly, rose petal biscuit.

This was a very interesting looking dish, the tastes were interesting. Not something I would order though, a bit too odd for my taste experience if I’m being brutally honest.

I’d like to thank 3×1 PR for taking me to event, it was an interesting evening and the company was fab.

I was disappointed not to get to meet John Torode, but there we are, you can’t win them all.  I also wanted to ask him for a Fish Tip for my new campaign Fish is the Dish but the Q&A didn’t last very long to get through many questions.

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