Meal Planning Monday 12th March 2012

I’m taking part in Meal Planning Monday hosted by Mrs M. Below is our weekly meal planner.

Meal Planning Monday

Again this week we did our shopping and didn’t have a delivery, but I know that this is dangerous because we overspent by £20 so I know that I benefit from the online shopping rather than being swayed by the promotions on offer. Lesson learned :-)

This week we are having a few left overs & using up things from the freezer as I really need to batch cook for this baby (due in 3 weeks) and I’ve done nothing!

Monday – Fish pie – made with smoked whiting & coley, it is delicious.

Tuesday – Chicken supreme. This was a staple as I was growing up, no idea where my mum got it from, but it’s a tasty way to use up chicken if you’ve had a roast.

Wednesday – Cod & Chips – We got Cod recently in our Delish Fish order. The fish comes direct from Peterhead market and we are going to make it with Guinness to do a St Patrick’s Day post for the Fish is the dish campaign. (Didn’t get round to this last week!)

Thursday – G Man has band so I need something mega easy so we’ll be making pepperoni pizza and as Buddy has a severe aversion (makes himself sick) to cheese, he will get scampi tonight.

Friday – Pregnant Jools Pasta – This has to be my favourite dish next to kedgeree right now. Again from Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals.

Saturday – Chicken Pie tonight, this is an adapted version of one we saw a while back in Good to Know Recipes.

Sunday – It’s kedgeree this evening as it’s easy and everyone will eat this. Happy days.

I’ll update you with recipes of interest during the week.

And of course I’ll be using all of my fabulous Pampered Chef Products. I have my own website where you can buy what you like visit it here.

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7 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 12th March 2012

    1. mummysknee Post author

      Nom nom, made my sauce with fresh parsley this time rather than dried & it tasted fab. We love fish cakes & goujons here too. Coley works brilliantly for goujons as it’s big flakes like cod!

  1. pinkoddy

    We really don’t eat enough fish – not big fish eaters. Think I shall go look at your recipe and possibly put it in the planning for next week. I shall follow you too.

    1. mummysknee Post author

      Thank you, we eat a lot of seafood. We order it direct from Delish Fish in Peterhead, it’s all individually wrapped so it’s easy to freeze. If you’d like any more recipes, go to the kedgeree recipe is so easy and has become a staple here and you don’t need much fish for it so it’s cheap too!


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