Meal Planning Monday – 15th October 2012


This week out meal planning monday is on time, last week I didn’t manage to get my blog posted about what we were eating, but we had a ball, making all of our meals from scratch apart from Tuesday which saw us having take away. This week Grim is away for work again so Buddy & I will make things we both enjoy on the nights Grim is not around for dinner

Monday – We are going to have a pie courtesy of InsideoutChef as part of our freezer fill. Wendy has supplied us with frozen beef casserole which is perfect to pop a puff pastry top on in and make it into a pie & she’s even given us frozen mash to go with it. Can’t wait!

Tuesday – Macaroni cheese – Buddy always clears his plate when we have this despite saying he hates cheese!

Wednesday – slow cooked veggie haggis – This is an experiment, we’ll see how it goes

Thursday – We are fish fanatics and we love seafood, fish pie is a lovely comfort dish but you can make it lighter by using things like Philadelphia rather than a white sauce. That’s a tip from Chef Jacqueline from The Sister’s Restaurant in Glasgow.

Friday – Spaghetti Bolognese – I am going to try a new recipe idea on this so will blog it if it works, will give it a go in the slow cooker as it’s a busy day Friday and it’ll be nice for it just to be ready!

Saturday –  Slow cooked Haddock & Pancetta Chowder from the lovely Mediocre Mum’s blog. Can’t wait to give it a go! We still have haddock in the freezer from our monthly fish box that we get from Delish Fish.

Sunday – meatloaf, I got some pork mince but didn’t get round to making recipe and now Grim says he doesn’t fancy it so I’ll make meatloaf instead, using up odds & sods in the fridge like my peppadew peppers. Wonder what this will taste like – I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks to Mrs M for hosting Meal Planning Monday, hop over there to get more inspiration.

Delish Fish deliver fresh fish direct to your door in individual portions. Mediocre Mum has an obsession with her slow cooker, there are some amazing ideas. Inside Out Chef does outside catering for home cooked food, so tasty. Remember to mention Mummysknee if you go to them so they know where you heard about them!

Do you follow recipes or like me throw caution to the wind and just go for it? Let me know about your experiences either which way.


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