Meal Planning Monday – 1st October 2012


Our Meal Planning Monday post sees Bubbles arriving at the milestone of six months old. I can't quite believe he is six months already! So our meal plan has gone from two meals, one for us and one for Buddy to now having the think about Bubbles too. He loves food and screams until he get's something in his hand, so I've always got toast or a rusk at the ready. I need to dig out my Baby Led Weaning recipes again and start posting our journey on this too!

Monday – Hot smoked salmon from Delish Fish. Delicious whatever the flavour John puts on it, but my favourite is garlic butter *licks lips*

Tuesday – a good old staple of mince & tatties and dough balls. I love this homely dish and may get it together to pop in the slow cooker before work

Wednesday – hake putanesca with spaghetti

Thursday – macaroni cheese

Friday – pan fired sea bass with pesto topping & roasted vine tomatoes

Saturday – i still have not made this chicken curry from my best buddy who is in NZ, but I will give it a go this week. you can grab the recipe here over at NotsosuperScottishMummy

Sunday – I'm going to go all out and get a roast beef and all the trimmings

Thanks to Mrs M for hosting Meal Planning Monday, hop over there to get more inspiration.

Delish Fish deliver fresh fish direct to your door in individual portions. Remember to mention Mummysknee if you go to them so they know where you heard about them!

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2 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday – 1st October 2012

    1. Mummysknee Post author

      Thanks Emma, yes John’s salmon is fabulous. I have to admit until I met John & tried his salmon I wasn’t a lover of it, but the hot smoked salmon is amazing!!


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