Meal Planning Monday – 23rd July 2012


Thank you Mrs M for setting this up, here is our weekly meal planner.

So this week see’s us getting our very first Farmison order. We are very excited about this, they have a £10 off voucher until end of August, so make sure you at least give it a go! So with all the meat taken care of and our Delish Fish all individually wrapped in our freezer, our protein is pretty much done for this week.

Monday – Prawn Stir Fry – It’s no surprise that this is making an appearance, I love Gok Wan’s Chinese series and he has taught me loads about how to cook Chinese food, so tonight I’m going to improvise – I’ll let you know how it goes :-)

Tuesday – Canneloni – Now I stayed away from twitter last week when I made this, what an absolute faff. By the time I sat down to eat it I was in a bad mood, it was so fiddily. But OMG it tasted so much better than Lasagne and it did us two meals in the week and Buddy liked it too, so I’ll make it on days that I don’t have Buddy so that I can assemble it then cook once I am ready for eats.

Wednesday – Venison Grill steaks. We had a BBQ at the weekend during the gorgeous weather and Grim brought these home from supermarket. We don’t often buy venison from the supermarket as my good friend Vikki owns Fletchers of Auchtermuchty, so we try to buy from her, they go to a lot of the Scottish Farmer’s Markets, but you can order direct. If you do order, please let them know where you heard about them!

Thursday – Kedgeree – With the amazing smoked haddock that we get from Delish Fish, we use an adapted recipe from Fish is the dish which we will upload to the blog after I get some good shots on Thursday.

Friday – Chicken enchilada pizza – This is a Pampered Chef recipe so I can’t blog it, but if you’d like it, leave a comment and I’ll email it through to you. It is so easy and the best homemade pizza ever!

Saturday – Sweet potato & spinach curry. I once saw this on a menu at somewhere we were planning to have lunch, but when Grim came back to the table he said, nah don’t fancy eating here, let’s just go home. It was really dirty! So having perused the menu whilst he was getting the drink, my heart was set on this curry and I made up a recipe that I’ve perfected over the past three years. Again, I will get round to blogging this sometime in the next fortnight :-)

Sunday – Smoked Mackerel risotto. We have never tried this before, so we are going to use this recipe from Fish is the dish. We always make sure we have at least two portions of seafood a week, one of which is oil rich in order to get out omega 3. This is so important for you and your family. If you need more help in eating more seafood, join the Fish is the dish campaign.

I’ll update you with recipes of interest during the week.

I will of course be using all of my Pampered Chef products, if you would like to buy anything, please visit my website here.


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