Meal Planning Monday – 27th August 2012



Thanks to Mrs M for hosting the meal planning Monday linky, we have always tried to do a meal plan but Grim always wants something different, so I write my plan and we can pick & choose which one we fancy. Having said that, Grim is away most night this week, so I'm having my dinner with Buddy. All of the recipes below Buddy will hopefully eat. Buddy has promised me he will try veggies this week following a conversation about how Bubbles is starting to try food, so I was showing him pictures. We shall see 😉 *please note that I am hopeful that Buddy will eat his veg but I will not hold my breath. He has not eaten veg in over a year apart from those hidden in food – hoping that by putting them down in front of him daily with me eating the same will help!*

Monday – Lemon sole goujons & mash & peas

Tuesday – Chicken with tomato soup, sweetcorn & rice

Wednesday – Macaroni Cheese with tuna

Thursday – Grilled salmon from delish fish with peas & wilted spinach

Friday – Chicken Thai green curry

Saturday – We are off to a BBQ so we will not be cooking tonight!

Sunday – grilled sea bass with a pesto oil, potatoes from the allotment & buttered kale. We didn't have this last week, so it's the plan for this week.



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6 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday – 27th August 2012

    1. Mummysknee Post author

      Emma, I am a fish fan, it’s my day job too when I’m not on mat leave. Glad that tip works. Last night he helped me make broccoli purée for the 21 wk old & then I put it on his plate, I said it was Buzz Lightyear ketchup, he said, ‘no mummy, it’s not it’s broccoli & it’s smelly’ then he started screaming. Great start. I will blog at the end of the week in pictures of what he actually ate 😉

    1. Mummysknee Post author

      Thanks Lauren, Buddy had Chicken ala King which is similar to what I was going to make tonight. I will blog what he actually ate at end of week!

  1. WhoopAss (@WhoopAss)

    I am impressed with the amount of fish on there. My lot only ever get to eat it when we go out because, apart from the odd beer batter moment, I don’t eat it so I don’t cook it. My boys were vegetable avoiding weenies as well but persistence paid off and now they eat pretty well, well… most of the time. Sometimes I put a fruit on their plate as well, just to give them something I know they will eat. I have got the “just three bites and then you don’t have to eat any more if you don’t like it” down-pat now.

    1. Mummysknee Post author

      Yes I know, we love seafood and it is something that Buddy will eat. I work on a project called Fish is the dish helping get families to eat more seafood. It’s really good and there are some lovely easy recipes on the website. I’m afraid Buddy remains a vegetable hating child, last night it was ‘but mummy it’s smelly!’ I think it will come, he is trying new things now, but he has gone to bed without dinner tonight. I know he’ll be up wanting something to eat, but I am trying to explain to him that he must eat what I make otherwise he wont get any. Is that too harsh? He loves fruit, we don’t have a problem there at all. If you want some help re: seafood, I’ll happily have a chat with you – I’m on Google+ and Skype if you want to chat.


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