Meal Planning Monday 30th January 2012

Thank you Mrs M for setting this up, here is our weekly meal planner.

Meal Planning Monday

This week is my first week only doing three days. I’m on a wind down to finishing at work before bubs get’s here (due 4th April). This week I’m hoping that I get to do some proper cooking, but we’ll see how that one goes. I have got a freezer full of stuff: individually wrapped seafood from Delish Fish; packs of various different things from Costco so we’ll be eating from our freezer this week. So here goes.

Monday – seared scallops in garlic butter.

Tuesday – Spicy tacos – I have left over enchilada sauce from the chicken enchilada pizza I made at the weekend.

Wednesday – Salmon pasta. We are making this with Delish Fish hot smoked salmon that is amazing. I’ll link to it here when I get the pics done.

Thursday – Pregnant Jools pasta

Friday – Chicken Curry – Note to self, remember the naan bread, I don’t have any left!!

Saturday – Beer battered haddock and chips

Sunday – Salmon en croute

As you can see, we are having a real seafood week this week. I love seafood and I’m part of the Fish is the Dish campaign!!

I’ll try my best to get my recipes uploaded here this week. I have four that might be of interest that are just waiting in the wings.

And of course I’ll be using all of my fabulous Pampered Chef Products. I have my own website where you can buy what you like visit it here.

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