Meal Planning Monday – 3rd September 2012

This weeks, Meal Planning Monday started on Saturday and I really don’t know how it got to Wednesday without me committing it to my blog!! Still now you get some pics of the meals we’ve had so far this week 😉 and because I’ve already cooked them I can point you in the direction of the recipes we have used!

Monday – Hot smoked salmon from the lovely Delish Fish. We had this simply, it was a sweet chilli one and we just served it with wedges and sweetcorn.

Tuesday – Grim made corned beef hash (pic right) and it was really simple. Neither of us had made it before, so we looked up Big Oven. We used this recipe as a base but as I haven’t yet done a weekly shop, we didn’t have all of the ingredients and as you can see from the recipe it is a guide not really a recipe. I was happy Grim gave it a go, he is a recipe follower whereas I am a bit more blase with cooking! It was absolutely fabulous. If you’d like my version comment below and I’ll email it to you.

Wednesday – Canneloni. As I was working yesterday and still not been shopping we are having left overs and this is a firm favourite in the house, so there will be no complaints. I will blog my recipe next week at some point.

Thursday – Macaroni Cheese with tuna

Friday – Grim & I are off out for dinner, we haven’t quite decided where yet, but I am SOOOOOOO looking forward to it.

Saturday – We are having kedgeree tonight, but it’s a bit of a mish mash of recipes. We like spice, so we tend to throw in a few red chillis too.

Sunday – Grim was chatting to a colleague about food, see he’s getting into it 😉  and he mentioned that he had tried a recipe from Hugh Fearnley Whittenstall, so we are going to give it a bash here’s the recipe that I plan to follow.

For those who read last week’s blog, the veggie eating Son project was a disaster, tomorrow we will blog his meals in pictures :(

Thanks to Mrs M for hosting Meal Planning Monday, hop over there to get more inspiration.

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    1. Mummysknee Post author

      It’s so easy to make but is fiddly, the pics I took look awful but I might still run with it cause I don’t think I’ll ever get a brilliant shot of it if I’m honest, it’s just one of those dishes that doesn’t photograph well.


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