Meal Planning Monday – 5th March 2018

We have had a week of it as I’m sure most of you had too – We started very early on Monday morning with water flooding into our newly fitted kitchen. I was so upset and felt really sad that my brand new kitchen was underwater and I wasn’t sure what the damage would be! Then we had Snowmaggedon which was something else. We spent days clearing the roads of snow but it’s been hard work. What about you guys?

We have the meal planner all filled out:

Monday – Sausage and tomato pasta – We bought lots of pasta when we were snowed in so we are just basically using what we bought when everyone was panic buying. I was just excited that they hadn’t run out of wine.

Tuesday – Chicken Korma – Buddy loves this and we make the Hairy Dieters one as although it’s a bit of a faff,

Wednesday – Paprika Chicken Wraps- This is a great one for a Wednesday, the boys both have activities and we need to be out the door sharp, so we make Maggi chicken in the bag and make up our own chicken and salad wraps

Thursday – Homemade Flatbread Pizza – I make my own flatbreads just with natural yoghurt and flour and fry them in a dry frying pan. The we put on some passata and toppings and cheese – the boys love this too

Friday – Macaroni Cheese – the boys have been asking me to make this a lot recently, so I’m going to make it tonight. It’s really tasty.

Saturday – I will make a beef slow cooked stew and put some pastry on the top for a pie

Sunday – Roast chicken with all the trimmings – We have had this a few times recently and everyone loves it and I like to sit down all together and actually chat!


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