Are you an optimist, pessimist or realist? Self help hell

Or is it all just a load of baloney? I just read an article in The Daily Mail about The Power of Pessimism and I have to say I do agree with the article about books that I refer to self help hell. Don't get me wrong, I have bought copious amounts of these books in the past, but in a clear out about a year ago, I got rid of all of them. What was I hoping that a book would make me feel better, I was caught up in it.

I am an optimist and my husband says he's a realist, but he is a pessimist and can be so negative but he says that at least then when things are good then it's really good & he doesn't feel shit cause he failed which is how he sees my views. He thinks when something does go wrong, I beat myself up. Now, I'd like to disagree here cause I always see the positive side even in awful situations, I can keep a level head & sort stuff out whereas he panics. Is there a best way to look at things? Are you an optimist, pessimist or a realist?

I have watched various dynamics, mainly in offices where negativity breeds negativity. Most people are actually indifferent in a group, but negative people are very vocal & moan so people start to agree with them & get swayed. But put a positive person in there and their enthusiasm rubs off. Honestly it works, try it and let me know how you get on!




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