Chicken and Chickpea stew slow cooker


As part of Mediocre Mum’s Slow cooker Sunday I adapted my previous casserole that I posted and this one is sooooo much better. S please do give it a go. I used hot paprika by accident, I meant to use smoked as I’m breastfeeding Bubbles and he doesn’t like too much spicy foods. Oops, wished I’d bought some creme fraiche as it would have been perfect. Also we only cooked this on high for 3.5 hrs as I had baby brain and forgot to out it on. Mediocre Mum saved me with her advice on timing. Thanks Chrissie :-)

2 large chicken breasts cut up
1 onion
1/2 chorizo sausage
2 tbsp paprika
Salt & pepper
2 cans of chopped tomatoes
1 chicken stock cube
olive oil
Can of chickpeas

1. Cut up your chorizo into pound coin sized pieces and fry until it starts to colour and the lovely paprika oil starts to come out of the sausage. Turn on your slow cooker to high and then add the chorizo pieces to your slow cooker, but leave the oil behind.
2. Dice your onion and add to the frying pan, adding a little olive oil if you need it. Fry until softened but not browned. Then drain your chickpeas and add them, add in the chicken stock cude and the chopped tomatoes. heat until bubbling then add to your slow cooker.
3. Cut up your chicken and put into a bag with your paprika and some salt and pepper. Seal the bag and coat the chicken with all of the paprika. Heat some more oil in the frying pan until very hot then add the coated chicken. Fry this until the paprika starts to blacken a little and you can see the chicken underneath starting to cook. Then add to the slow cooker.
4. Cook on high for 3.5 – 4 hours then serve with rice and creme fraiche

Enjoy :-)

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