When I saw the croquembouche made on Good Food Channel a few weeks ago, I thought that looks easy. Hmmm, well, it was actually. Although I nearly didn’t make it cause the recipe sad it was hard and I’m no baker. I love baking I actually get a weird sense of achievement because G Man says I am not as good at it as I am cooking. (back handed compliment I think!)

The recipe I used is this one: and bizarrely I think my picture looks better. As with true traditional with me, I can’t follow recipes therefore I have to do my own style and I think it was genius (sorry guys but I am so proud of this) I used Cointreau in the cream and it went amazingly well with the caramel and even though I only used a tiny bit of Cointreau, it tasted really boozy!

Ok, so here are my tips to get you through this:
1) don’t panic
2) get all your ingredients out for dough and make this first cause you need to leave to cool
3) have a small dish of cold water and dip your finger in this to make sure your profiteroles are smooth on top, this prevents burning
4) I used my pampered chef easy accent decorator for both the dough & the filling which was fab, if you fancy one, let me know as I’m a consultant. I think it’s easier with this than a piping bag
5) I only used half of the cream, so don’t go overboard with this
6) when you cool down the caramel, put pan in cold water to cool, but the remove and use quickly. My caramel for sticking it all together ended up solidifying in my Le Creuset pan :-(



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