Fish on Friday – Pan Fried Sea Bass with Pesto

As a Fish Fanatic, we often get sent seafood to try out new recipes. We choose a recipe either from something we have wanted to try of from the website over at Fish is the dish. When we do a recipe that we have developed and tried ourselves for a few times, we upload it to the Fish is the dish website for others to try. If you have a favourite seafood dish that you would like to share either put it in the comment below or add it to the Fish is the dish website.

 Here is our version on pan fried sea bass with a pesto topping and roasted vine tomatoes:

jar of green pesto
fillets of sea bass (skin on)
pack of vine tomatoes


  1. Pan fry sea bass skin side down until the flesh on the top starts to go from translucent to opaque on the sides
  2. Remove from frying pan, pop on a baking tray, skin side down and smear a tablespoon (or as much or little pesto as you wish) onto the top
  3. Add in a pack of vine tomatoes and bake for 8 – 10 minutes in oven at 180 degrees

We served with potatoes chips but you can serve with mash or cous cous too.

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Disclaimer: We were sent the sea bass fillets in return for this review. All opinions are our own.


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