Fish on Friday

Apologies for this being a late post, I know it’s¬†Saturday¬†and no longer Friday but yesterday was a manic day & I never got time to complete this post.

As many of my readers know we are real Fish Fanatics in this house, we eat seafood more often than any other protein and the great thing is that you can eat it all year and not get bored cause there are so many different species to try. We are part of the Fish is the dish campaign, it’s all about getting families to eat more seafood and even although we eat loads of seafood, we have managed to fit in more & be more adventurous with the species that we try. I have to be honest when I received the halibut steaks I did wonder what I was going to so with them, and Grim said he didn’t like the look of it. Right great start! So I decided to keep it really simple, I wanted to try the fish and see what it tasted of and the texture so I didn’t want to put a sauce with it. This is often how I try new seafood for the first time.

I used a technique I learned at Billingsgate when I went there with English Mum and we were being taught by the now famous, Allan Pickett of the Plateau Restaurant at Canary Wharf. He was on Masterchef recently and we loved it. He is brilliant! Sorry I digress…… I pan fried the halibut in some butter. Here is how I did it, and it really was this easy.

Get the frying pan really hot then add some butter, let it melt. When the butter is bubbling and starts to go brown I added the halibut steaks, I left these for around 5 minutes until it was golden brown and the flesh of the fish had started to go from translucent to opaque on the top side, I turned over and pan fried the other side for 5 mins. I tested it with a fork to make sure the flesh of the fish was flaking away from the bone and then served with steamed veg from the allotment.

You can serve it with any veg really. The fish was lovely, Grim thought it was great despite his unfamiliarity with it and we would have it again. It was a really meaty fish with a subtle fish taste, it wasn’t strong at all.

If you’d like more recipes to help you get more seafood in your diet visit Fish is the dish or follow them on Twitter or Like them on Facebook.

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5 thoughts on “Fish on Friday

    1. Mummysknee Post author

      Emma have a look at fishisthedish I develop some of the recipes. Dead easy. We eat so much seafood & believe we benefit from it. Certainly the boys have benefitted from it throughout pregnancy & Buddy will ask for it over anything else. All seafood is scampi to him, but hey. He loves it!

    1. Mummysknee Post author

      Hey no probs you are a star :) loads of things you taught us at Billingsgate have stuck with me & use little tips all the time. Gave me confidence. Thanks

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