Fresh Fish Daily – Smoked Mackerel Risotto

Have I told you lately that I am a lover of seafood? Nah, I think my meal planner would give that away, but I also work for Fish is the dish and I love it, best job in the world! Sorry I digress, can you tell I miss it, so much so that I am heading into the office to do some work next week and am so excited!
Whilst I am on maternity leave I am still taking part in the program as  Fish Fanatic and was sent a lovely package from them this week so decided to make some smoked mackerel risotto. Believe it or not, I’ve never made this before. Not sure why, as it was mega tasty. Here’s how I made it:
small onion finely chopped
knob of butter
risotto rice
3 fillets of smoked mackerel, take out the few bones at the top of the fillet and remove skin
grated parmesan cheese
blanched kale
white wine
chicken stock
  1. Saute onion in the butter then add the rice, stir to coat it
  2. Fill kettle and make one chicken stock cube up in a little boiled water, add to rice and stir in. When the rice absorbs this liquid, add more from your kettle and wait again for it to evaporate – keep stirring the rice occasionally. Add a couple of glugs of white wine – remember use one you would drink, after all, you have opened it 😉
  3. Keep adding a little water from your kettle until the rice stops absorbing the water, if you don’t add a lot of water at once it wont become too watery as it will be clear when you taste the rice that it is ready too.
  4. Then grate in a chunk of parmesan and stir it in along with the blanched kale which we chopped with scissors
  5. Flake your mackerel but not too small, you want to have fish in it, not hidden
I never measure anything with risotto, I love to feel the recipe, I just add the items until it looks ready. Does this sound corney? I love making risotto and I just do it.
The pack we were sent came all individually wrapped and the packaging was nice, happy that there was an inventory in there so that I knew what was in the box as there were no labels on the packs. Perhaps a little tip for them in future! The fish looked extremely fresh and was still chilled when it arrived.
Disclaimer: I was sent the fish as part of the Fish is the dish program and it came from The Seabird System from The Seabird Fishmongers formerly Fresh Fish Daily . You can order direct from them at only £4.99 for orders under £50, free if over £50. All the views are our own.



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