Batman – Imaginative Play

Buddy was three in June & up until I bought him his Batman Cave he needed constant help with play, always asking us to join in. For his birthday he got some vouchers and money so after more than six months of shouting 'mummy, I waaaaaaannnnnnt that!' pointing at (almost hitting) the tv every time the Imaginex Batman Cave came onto the screen, I gave in and bought him it.


Wow, maybe it's just his age but he plays for ages, talking between the characters. He is properly into imaginary play & some of the scenarios he is coming up with is amazing. In this picture, his Batman is diving off the top board copying what he has seen in the Olympics

This Imaginex toy is a must for 3+ and Buddy has shown me that although it was more pricey than I had wanted to pay on one toy at £49.95 , it is so worth it. Thank you!

We bought this toy ourselves and were wanting to apply to be a toyolist for Toys r us but I stupidly took the date down wrong so we've missed the deadline. Sighs. Oh well. We love this toy!


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