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For those who haven’t been reading long, you’ll may not know but I am no baker. I love to cook and am experimental in the kitchen, but I always fall down at baking. Part of it is that it is so formal, there are rules by way of a recipe and I don’t do well with rules. I always break them 😉 However, Buddy loves to bake and I hate to fail at something so we are learning together. He helps me by trying to read the recipes and desperately wants to eat absolutely everything that goes into the bowl – yes even raw eggs! I was contacted by Baking Mad a recipe website specifically about baking and I though well, hell yeah. There are lots of recipes for kids We’ll give it a go. The website is easy to get round although did take me a moment to find the search box (under the recipes drop down button incase you are looking for it too!) and we got to work. One looking closely there were lots cupcake recipe, so the first thing we chose to make was red velvet cupcakes, the recipe was great, there is a button to press to send the ingredients to your mobile and it did. Well almost, it was missing the last two ingredients, so check that you have them all before heading to shops.

We got to work and had a handheld electric whisk, but it gave up the ghost, the mixture was really thick and making it without a whisk does not get desired results. To be fair the cupcakes tasted ok and the recipe does state to use electric whisk so can’t blame them for that one.

We decided to give the website another go, we’re really into scones in our house, so we thought we’d give the cheese ones a go. The recipe was easy to follow and the results were ok, Buddy wanted to knead the dough and I think we did it a but too much so they didn’t rise enough, but they tasted lovely and with them being made with wholemeal flour, I like this for Buddy.



We will definitely make these again!

In the meantime I managed to get a new electric whisk and Oh my giddy Aunt it’s a good un. Here is the pristine beast before Buddy & I got our hands on it to make the classic chocolate cake again from the Baking Mad website.

We used this and this was the result:

Everyone seemed to like this one too, not as moist as I would have liked but again I don’t think it was the recipe more the fact that I am an inexperienced baker.

Verdict: The website is good, so many recipes to choose from and the recipes are easy to follow and provided you use the equipment they suggest, you should get on fine. Results for us were good considering our level of expertise – Practice makes perfect & we’ve bookmarked the website for future projects.

To see the wealth of recipes that have been collected for the baking mad collection and also some of Eric Lanlard’s recipes from his show, go to their website.

Disclaimer: We were reimbursed for some ingredients to make these recipes. All views are our own.

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