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We live in a 3 bed house and as with most families we struggle with storage, there are so many things to put away and sometimes things just float instead of having a home. This is exactly what used to happen with our baby bath. Grim went out and bought a hard plastic one, which is heavy (when filled), plug doesn’t work and soaked the floor in the bathroom and really there is nowhere to store it. So when Flexibath asked for reviewers, I jumped at the chance. I had never heard of them before but from the description, folding bathtub, I though perfect, that could be just what we are looking for.

Instead of having a great big plastic bath, living inside our bath, we now have a neat one folded up at the side, so at last I can say that the baby bathtub has a home. We have loved reviewing this, Bubbles fits perfectly into it lying down. Ha, just read that back, I obviously hold onto him, I don’t just plonk him in it!! He kicks and today we even tried sitting up in it. He loves it.  The bath is a lovely size, although the picture on the front shows a toddler & baby in it, I don’t think this would big enough if I’m being honest, however, it did not put us off. The plug works well and drains most of the water out, you just need to tip it up right at the end.


We would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a bathtub that doesn’t take up space. It comes in all different colours too, but this one is perfect for us. At £29.95 it is more expensive than the hard plastic ones, but given that it doesn’t leak it stores well, I’d say it’s well worth it!  You can order it online


Disclaimer: We were sent the Flexibath for the purpose of this review. All of the opinions are our own.


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