Review: Good Natured Salad

We love salad here at Chez Dunlop and always have some in the fridge, our staples are salad leaves, rocket, cucumber & tomatoes. I eat salad most lunchtimes with seafood of the day, and in order to encourage me to drink my 6 glasses of water a day, I have water on the table in a large jug with cucumber and lemon in it.

Having worked at Friends of the Earth Scotland the issues with pesticide residues on food, and how organic food has water soluble ones and therefore you are not ingesting it. Especially since I put it in water and then drink it. Since Good Natured came out I have been a fan. I love the fact that they pesticide free and now that they have salad this is great as the cucumber tastes lovely and I feel very relaxed about putting it in my water to drink.

For this review, we had the peppers which were really nice and tasty and the tomatoes actually had some taste which I think it missing all too often these days. We’ve gone from having tasty food to food that all looks clean, the same size but fails on the taste.

I bought these from my local Asda and the only thing I would say to Good Natured is that their stand out on shelf is not good, I had to ask the staff instore. They are more expensive than the other brands, but on this occasion as the taste was there, I think it was worth it.

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Disclaimer: We were sent a voucher in order to purchase the peppers, cucumber and tomatoes that featured in this review.


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