Review: Kelly’s of Cornwall Ice Cream

I am a big lover of ice cream, next to Sticky Toffee Pudding it’s my favourite dessert. With ice cream, I am quite picky on what I choose. Don’t get me wrong I’m no connoisseur but I do like it to be creamy and taste real and not artificial.

When reviewing something like ice cream, it is subjective, isn’t it, people like all different flavours, so for the review of Kelly’s of Cornwall ice cream I bought all the ones I could find! Yes, I know, excessive may be but I wanted to try them all out to give you an all round view of them. Now this ice cream has been on the go for a long time (the 1890’s) so they must have got something right! I love Cornwall and clotted cream is just fabulous and they put it in their ice cream. Whoop Whoop!

The Clotted Cream & Honeycomb did not disappoint, it was so creamy and tasty and we had it with caramel sauce, aw, I’m reliving it right now, quite fancy it now but it’s first thing in the morning, so we need to refrain 😉 I hid this one at the back of the freezer just for me, Buddy was not getting his mitts on this one!


The next one we tried was the Clotted Cream Dairy Ice Cream. Vanilla essentially and boy it didn’t disappoint either, it was so creamy just what you imagine as the perfect ice cream, I’m guessing that this is because of the clotted cream in it. Wow!

We then tried the Clotted Cream & Strawberries, nom nom nom nom! Buddy asked for more, that is a clear acceptance of a product with toddlers. I thought it was creamy, not too strong on the flavour and had real strawberries in it. Oh wow, think I’ve just found my favourite ice cream ever!!

So as a review for these ice creams I’d say they are creamy and taste like the real thing like you made them yourself, excellent. I’d buy it again!

For more information about Kelly’s of Cornwall visit their website they even have competitions on there to win some ice cream, so we’ll be heading over there now to get us some more, we are hooked!

Disclaimer: We were sent a couple of vouchers to help pay for some of the product for this review. All of the opinions are our own.

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