Review: The Saucy Fish Co. King Prawns



The Saucy Fish Co. have just launched a new range of King Prawns. We tried the Roasted Garlic & Herb sauce ones. The whole ethos of this brand is to help you marry together a sauce with the seafood that compliment each other completely. Research has shown that although there is such a vast array of seafood that people don’t know what to serve it with. The Saucy Fish Co. have taken all of the reasons we say that we don’t eat seafood and taken away all of the hassle. It’s prepared for you, you don’t even need to touch it as it’s in a foil bake bag that you pop on a baking tray and put straight in the oven. 20120928-091134.jpgThis also means that there is no smell.

We were going to serve it with salad and crusty bread as the pack suggests but the deli had run out of bread by the time we got there (5 minutes before closing) so we went for crunchy fries made from potatoes from Grandad’s allotment.

Having eaten this I know why they say serve with crusty bread, there is a lot of sauce and a little escaped onto the tray so we were careful when we shook the bag to coat the King Prawns. Grim was in charge of cooking this night, so we had a pack each. Personally I think one between us would have suffice but as Grim pointed out it doesn’t say on pack. He thought one pack was perfect for a ‘Guys’ portion. So there we are, maybe that’s why it didn’t say on pack – It depends how hungry you are!

Verdict: When I’m reviewing products I am always fair, but the real test is when you ask Grim if he’d buy it again and he said ‘Yes, I’d definitely buy that again, the sauce was amazing and the King Prawns really big’ There you have it – happy customers!

Find out what products are available by visiting The Saucy Fish Co. or visit their Dock and you can follow them on Twitter and Like them on Facebook too.

Disclaimer: We were sent two packs of the King Prawns from The Saucy Fish Co. for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.


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