Review – Twinnings Green Tea

Since working at Friends of the Earth Scotland I have been partial to herbal and green teas. It was more about access to these than a real choice I tried loads of different typed and found I like green tea with favours. So I picked up some green tea with cranberry and another with pomegranate. So to celebrate Earth Day on Sunday we had a green tea tasting. A bit of a tenuous link I know but we had visitors, so perfect opportunity.

We tried both the Cranberry and Pomegranate green teas, and on the sniff test they were both gorgeous and on drinking they didn’t have a strong green tea flavour which can sometimes be quite overpowering. As a preference I would choose the Cranberry the fruit flavour was stronger and more palatable but that is my personal opinion. I will be trying the other flavours over time as I have enjoyed the experience. My Mom put honey in her tea as she prefers this and it added a certain sweetness to it. We also love the Jasmine green tea, but we didn’t taste test that this time.

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