My top 10 tips for saving the planet

I have deliberated over this top 10 tips for saving the planet for some time, I don’t want it to come across as preachy. When I worked at Friends of the Earth Scotland, I remember the experts talking about what would happen as a result of climate change: the jet streams coming in from The Atlantic, our winters would be warmer & so would our summers, but this doesn't mean basking in glorious sunshine, far from it. It means that the unsettled wet weather we've been experiencing lately is not so much a freak, but the norm. Now I know people are still poo pooing it, but I think it is us doing this to our lovely planet, so here are my top 10 tips & you could say, my pledge to help limit my impact on the earth so that my children & hopefully grandchildren get a chance to live a decent life!

  1. Wash your clothes at 30 degrees. I have been testing this & wasn't getting results, but have now got a detergent specially for 30 degree washes. If Bubbles has soiled, then I soak in hot water & a little detergent & then hang out to dry outside immediately it's washed. Thanks to my Soster In Law for her advice here. I would have given up but it does work
  2. Don't use dishwasher. This uses 2 units of electricity so not only is it bad for environment it is costing you lots of money. When I'm cooking I make sure I've got a basin ful of hot soapy water & wash as I go.
  3. Don't use tumble dryer, mine uses between 2 & 4 units of electricity even on the lower settings. If you must dry things, why not try a Rotamate cover? I think this is genius & am really thinking about getting one. I've asked them if they'd like a review.
  4. Buy second hand clothes. It's so easy these days to go out and buy clothes cheaply, but most of us don't get enough use out of the clothes we already have. Especially children's clothes! Why not pass them on to friends who have a younger sibling (w are so grateful to Jacqui & Lewis for doing this for us) or join something like Bertie & Bean. They supply you with bags & the post is prepaid, so you just need to drop it at the post office
  5. Meal plan, this will help save buying things you don't need
  6. Recycle everything you can including batteries, mobile phones & printers cartridges. You can even raise money for charity while your at it
  7. Try not to use the car, use public transport where you can or walk!
  8. Change your energy supplier too one that actually invests in renewable energy
  9. Make sure you turn off things when you are not using them & unplug them. Don't leave them on standby.
  10. Buy juice containers and fill with water rather than buying lots of bottled water. We have Crocodile Creek ones for Buddy & aluminium ones for us. These are great, my mini me I take with me in my handbag, I got for £3 from TKMaxx

The beauty about every me of these tips is that not only will they help save the planet, but they'll help you & your family to save money too! Take the tips about the dishwasher & tumble dryer, I saved us £70 a month, yes a month off our electricity bill by doing this.

Of course there are loads more things you could do but I'll write another one in winter for that cause hopefully you won't need your heating and other energy saving tips until then.

You can of course join the likes of Friends of the Earth & Friends of the Earth Scotland with a small amount of your savings to help them campaign for environmental justice for all on our behalf. Our kids deserve to live in a world and have access to the things we have, don't they?

If you would like to make a pledge of something you will do to help save the planet, leave a comment below or if you have more to add. I have enjoyed writing this but I said top 10 so I have had to stop there, there are so many more things we could do!


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