Meal Planning Monday

Thank you to Mrs M for introducing me to this  concept – What a fab idea!

Meal Planning Monday

So this week sees a new me – Ha ha, that’ll be right.  Just a new way of planning my meals.

I was reading Mrs M’s blog this am, I came across it whilst browsing the internet for something else, and I usually do my meal planning on a Friday as I go shopping at the weekend, but I’m trying to be good and use what I have in the house rather than a daily jaunt to the supermarket (yes it really has got that bad!!)

So in my bid to save a bit of cash, I plan to support Mrs M’s idea of Meal Planning Monday – So here goes:

Monday – Prawn chilli stir fry & rice

Tuesday – Homemade steak & ale pies and chips and carrots

Wednesday – Grilled salmon with BBQ sauce and boiled potatoes and peas

Thursday – Spaghetti Bolognese – I grate in carrots and give to Buddy – He loves it!

Friday – I am planning fish pie and having read Mrs M’s post about Jamie Oliver’s Fantastic Fish Pie, I’m going to try that one.

Saturday & Sunday I’m not sure about yet – Will update when I have a look in the freezer and see what else I can muster – I know that there is some chorizo in the fridge, so perhaps chicken & chorizo stew with mash and a roast on Sunday – Haven’t had one for a while…….

I’ll update you with recipes of interest during the week.

And of course I’ll be using all of my fabulous Pampered Chef Products. I have my own website where you can buy what you like visit it here.

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