Ideal Home Show Scotland

Went to the Ideal Home Show Scotland on Sunday and it was busy although apparently not as busy as the Sunday had been.

We milled around for a while, getting a feel for what it was all about and on the walk round it felt much the same as previous events that I’ve been to at SECC Glasgow.

As someone who lives in a new build house, there wasn’t really much for purchasing, that was until we went through to the food section. It was heaving.

Cooking Demonstrations

Jean Christophe Novelli was just starting his stint on the cooking stage. Wow I thought to myself, I really want to watch this, but with buggy and ill toddler this was not something I was able to do. The place was packed and in my opinion they had not given this section enough space, I was caught in the walkway and ended up watching the intro and heading off. We couldn’t hear very well anyway.

Greg Wallace Restaurant

Greg Wallace Restaurant

So on the look out for something to eat, we went to Greg Wallace’s Restaurant – oh no, completely packed – the queue was so long that we couldn’t stay.

The set up was fab, individual tables and you could see why people wanted to go here for something to eat.

The other places seemed to be cafes and stalls.  We ended up opting for a very tasty venison burger from the Seriously Good Venison Company

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