Hummingbird Bakery Maple & Pecan Cake

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We love baking in this house – Although I don’t really eat much cake, it’s really theraputic and I love to sample just a tiny bit and pass it on to others and enjoy it when they like it.

Hummingbird Maple Full Cake

After deliberation from the boys, we made the Hummingbird Bakery recipe of Maple & Pecan cake. It was to die for, I loved it too! Grim asked me to make it but he’s been out most nights so not had much – I don’t know why I ask him. But hey!

Buddy loves it too & couldn’t keep his hands off it!

Hummingbird Maple Hands Off

For future, I definitely need a stand like this one for my photographs.

Cake Stand

So if you’d like to try this, comment below and I’ll email you the recipe. I did contact Hummingbird Bakery to ask if they would let me feature recipe but they haven’t come back.  The recipe features in their Cake Days cookbook.

If you have a favourite recipe let me know and I’ll have a go, always up for a challenge.



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