Review: Cake Angels Crayola Crafty Cooks Kits

Boys Baking

I dont know about you, but I love to bake I didnt used to be any good at it as I am not a recipe follower, but of late, and lots of help from friends such as Sarah, Karen and Maureen, I have really got my confidence up with baking.

It is something that I love to get the kids around to the table with and get them all working on this.  I know a friend loves to come here when we are all baking as her son loves it and shes not so confident.

We are a lover of the brand Cake Angels already They make mini marshmallows and cake toppers that the boys seem to gravitate towards whenever we go shopping for our supplies, but I had never heard of them doing Crayola kits. Now when you think Crayola, you think drawing and colours. Well colours is what they are majoring on here.  Look at the packaging:

Box Cupcakes

Certainly going to catch your eye!

We started out making things with the modelling kit this has lots of different coloured foundant icing inside for the children to work up their various different things.

Modelling Kit

There are instructions to make a number of different animals during this review, as you can imagine the temptation for a 4 year old to eat it is great! Well, we made the turtle as per the instructions below:


And before Id had a chance to get my phone onto camera mode it was gone oops.

I think one of the genius things about this is the ball size chart. Now for young children, this is wonderful, it means that they can have a little bit of independence but guide them to make some wonderful things with the fondant icing.

There is also a gingerbread kits, with all of the instructions to make animals and Bubbles really enjoyed this part.

Gingerbread kit

They were so inspired, they wanted to make their own one perhaps there is a gap in the market for an Avengers / Marvel version

Marvel Style

The cupcakes were so super simple that the boys (aged 4 & 7) managed this recipe on their own They are presently waiting to cool and will be iced later today, so well Instagram our picture out later today or tomorrow.

The kits are available in Sainsburys, Morrisons & Asda with the pens and the modeling kit available in Morrisons.

Disclaimer: We were sent these kits in return for an honest review. All opinions are our own.

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