It’s Sunday 3rd June 2018

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I haven’t been around on the blog much lately – Life has been busy and just not able to fit everything in – but hopefully I’ll have some time to fit in some blog posts – afterall, I love writing and keeping a journal of what we are up to and things that we have reviewed.  Today we are reviewing the iPhone X for Three UK

Edinburgh City Centre

On the way to work a few weeks ago, we were in the centre of Edinburgh and I got the luxury of taking the train and walking.  Wow, it was great, a beautiful morning too.  So I put the iPhone X to work. Here are some of the shots

One thing I really noticed about the images was the phone ability to adapt to the current light and the colours were really vibrant.

These pictures are wonderful and for someone who likes to travel light and not carry a camera around all of the time, but I always have my phone, the iPhoneX really was amazing.

Guard of Honour – Murrayfield, Edinburgh

My sons both play rugby and recently my eldest was given the opportunity to be Guard of Honour and play on the pitch at Murrayfield at half time. He was absolutely over the moon. It was Silver Saturday and it was Edinburgh Rugby against Glasgow Warriors – Wow, I have never been so engrossed in a game of rugby – It was great, I am so excited for the next games that we can go to – The boys loved it too and really enjoyed this first trip to Murrayfield with a record crowd for the Pro14s. What a day – I’m still buzzing!

So again I used the opportunity to grab some really good footage on the iPhoneX for part of my review. I was so impressed with the zoom on the phone and again the way it adapted to the present lighting.  I have never managed to get a decent picture of the moon with my iPhone8 it always seems to make it so small, but as you can see in the shot I took of the full moon, this really worked this time.

My conclusion was that the iPhoneX camera was so much better than the iPhone8 and for me well worth the additional cost. The other plus points of the phone was that the battery seemed to keep it’s charge longer and the music was clearer again than the iPhone8 – For me, my next upgrade will definitely be to the iPhoneX.

Disclaimer: We were sent the iPhoneX by ThreeUK for the purpose of this review – all opinions are our own. We did not receive payment or a phone in return for this post.

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