My Blogging Goals for 2017

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Hello 2017

My blog will be 7 years old in May and I’ve always just done my blog as a hobby, a way of documenting things I want to remember for the kids and imparting things that I have learned through my experiences.  What I have found though is that I have lots of readers who don’t know me personally and now that I am freelance, I have a bit more flexibility to work on getting the blog to be both a personal journey and more.

So my blogging goals for 2017 are as follows:

  • Twitter grow my followers to 2,500
  • Facebook grow my Likes to 500
  • Instagram grow my followers to 500
  • Pinterest grow my followers to 250
  • Tots100 – Before my blog was hacked in January last year I was at position 938, so I’m working to get to 900 before the year is out
  • I want to get a better camera and make more of my photographs – I find using my phone restrictive sometimes

How am I going to do this? Well I am at the moment working on my plans to meet my goals, but here are my first thoughts on how I am going to work on this:

  • Clean up my links – removing any broken ones
  • Use the Editorial Calendar plugin on WordPress to organise my posts – Thanks to Aby over at Mom Boss Squad for this tip – It is super cool and makes me feel organised
  • Blog every day
  • Diary all posts in the calendar – even if the content still needs to be written and the pictures tagged and tidied up
  • Organise my photographs weekly into folders and tag them – not only does this help with finding them when I need them – but also it means they are already tagged when coming into the post for SEO purposes

The upshot is – My blog costs me money, not just time – so I need to make sure I’m at least covering this cost in 2017.

What are your blogging goals? What are the things you want to improve on?

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