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I always knew that G Man’s new job would require him to work out of their Manchester office on occasion but I had no idea it would be once a fortnight and he would have a number of important weekend events that mean that he is away. Last night when he went out to band I was a little miffed if Im honest, I was tired and needed some help.

This coupled with being away for his best friends stag weekend then off to Manchester on Monday, I was really nervous. But hey I shouldnt have been.

Buddy has been on his best behaviour, we had a chat last night and he agreed to be a good boy for Mummy cause she needed him to be as Daddy would be away for a few days. Maybe that chat did work then! and he went to a friends this afternoon and had a ball. He ate all of his dinner and said to me, he was tired and went off to bed. He read his own story to Bubbles, said I luff you Mummy closed his eyes and started to lightly snore. Writing this Im welling up I really thought today would be awful as I was in a bad mood and so tired..

We came back from friends then made dinner, ate it together, I did all of the dishes and tidied up. Both boys then bathed and Buddy ready for bed then came back down put out washing and was sitting down to mess around with my new camera since 8.15pm This is unheard of. Normally Im just making our dinner.

So it seems that if I have dinner with Buddy I get my evening back, but G Man doesnt get in until around 7pm.

How do you do your tidying up, dinner, bedtime routine, etc? How do you deal with your partner coming in from work just as bedtime routine begins? Please comment below and well see if we can get to a utopia boy that would be lovely, wouldn’t it :-)

Grim & Buddy Do Breakfast


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