And so it has begun….

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I don’t know if you can remember your first day at school. I can, at least I think I can (it was 37 years ago so might be a bit hazy). I remember it was a really sunny day, my Granny Heron, my dad and I suspect my Mom (but funny the picture in my memory is of my dad and Granny Heron sitting on a small wall in the sunshine, laughing outside the prefabs!)

We were invited into the classroom, it was next to the nursery where I had just graduated from at the start of the summer. I got a large piece of computer paper, a red, blue and green crayon and went to town, scribbling. I thought it was a masterpiece.

Anyway, this is not the purpose of my post, I’m just setting up to explain how your memory captures things and even as an adult, I look back in that day with extremely fond memories. Wish I could chat to them about it 😢

Today was Bubbles first day at school. Buddy also moved up to the bigger playground and so a big step for both. They let me take their picture and were extremely excited about what lay ahead

We were ready early and the boys were starting to get tetchy so we went to the park. They had fun while my heart was in my throat. More cause I was worried that they were going to fall off rather than the impending starting school.

Walking up to the school, they looked so grown up. I was really happy with their confidence, and endless chat as we approached the school.

After I waved in Buddy, we made our way up to the P1 playground to line up. Oh jeezo, I thought I was going to cry. But no, controlled it and made it happily into class to drop off my new schoolie.

He was happy to be left and came out of the door with a big grin and we went to the park. He wants to go back tomorrow, so that’s a good sign.

Were you ok on your children’s first day at school?

2 thoughts on “And so it has begun….

    1. Mummysknee Post author

      Thanks he has had a ball but tonight at bedtime so unsettled. Think it’s just all the changes x


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