Celebrating the 60th Birthday of the Drumstick Lolly

We have been asked to take part in the Swizzles 60th birthday #DrumstickBucketList campaign. We are so excited about this, as a child, this was my absolute favourite lolly and the day we received this pack it was my neighbour’s birthday so we popped in some of the party poppers and a lolly for her to enjoy. Turns out it was a childhood favourite of hers too.

We have started our support for this challenge with an unboxing of the pack that we received.  Buddy wanted to do it in one take and do it all himself, so I decided to go with the flow.

Hope you enjoy Buddy’s video and give him some lovely comments, he wants to see what people think.

He is taking this 60th birthday #DrumstickBucketList challenge seriously and has already chosen his first 5 challenges from the pack – We’ll update you on that later.

What would be on your bucket list?


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