End of an Era

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As I’m writing this, my youngest is attending his last day at school nursery – I thought I would be a lot more sad, I get quite emotional at some things, yet, so non plussed at other times, there is no rhyme or reason to it, it seems. But oh my goodness, one of the teachers yesterday couldn’t even say one of the little girl’s names as she was so overcome. I was in bits! Funny isn’t it?

So Bubbles finished his private nursery last week and he had a proper graduation

Bubbles in gown

And as the graduated, they ran along the rope bridge and down the slide – it was great fun to watch and the children loved it

Bubbles on the graduation slide

Then on Tuesday this week he graduated from school nursery and had his last school transition where he got to finally meet his teacher. 

It is a massive milestone and I have to say I am a wee bit overwhelmed with it, Bubbles being my baby. But I’ll get there, he is getting excited about going to school. I was in bits at the end of the school graduation as one of the teachers was so overcome with emotion about one of the children leaving that they could barely say their name. Oh my word, I’m tearing up again!

Bubbles is really excited about school and especially since on a Wednesday he’ll be getting Mr Lyall, who is the teacher that Bubbles said that he wanted right from the start of us chatting about school. It’s interesting the way the school have split the classes, there are a lot of older boys and they seem to have spread them over the classes, normally, they take it by age – not sure why, but Bubbles is in his element with his two girl chums in his class too.  Can’t wait for the next stage, but until then, we’ll enjoy our summer holidays and all that we have planned.

Hope you have a lovely summer holiday xxx


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  1. Susan Mann

    Aww bless. It is a bitter sweet one isn’t it? We are happy they are ready for this and to be moving one, but it’s a big step in letting go of that baby, toddler pre-schooler age. Hugs lovely x


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