Happy Days – 1st April 2017

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What Katy Said

What made me happy this week?

Again this week has flown by but I have fitted so much into my days.

So what has made me happy this week:

  1. It’s my baby, Bubbles, 5th birthday today and he is so happy
  2. I have had sleep – I am taking Pure Elixir and it’s a supplement that promotes good gut health. I have had sleep for over a week – I feel amazing.  First time I feel properly rested since having children
  3. Bubbles has slept two nights in his own bed – Not that I noticed the other nights as I was zonked!
  4. I started back at Pilates – I feel sore today – but in the right places – this makes me extremely happy
  5. I caught up with two really good friends for coffee and a natter
  6. I met the most amazing person Faye at Fayre Tasty in Dalkeith – She is ordering my wholefoods and I got some amazing lunchtime wraps and the sourdough is amazing!

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