How can childrens TV and technology help your childrens development?

Such a hot potato of a topic, isnt it?

How much screen time are you giving your children?
Is it damaging their development?
Is it passive?
Is it fueling the obesity of our children?

Its something that many of us beat ourselves up about, but the TV shows are not what they used to be, take the Teletubbies, that have recently returned to our screens 20 years on and children really react to this, whether it be the laughing along with the baby at the start, getting excited about what the Teletubbies are doing or the massive rabbits.  There is research to show that there are some TV shows that look at certain development areas for children and are actually good for their development.

In this video, Dr Jacqueline Harding, who has studied the effect TV and technology has on our children, explains how children’s television impacts on young people.  She even shows you what you should be looking out for when your child is watching a TV show to see if it really is educational.

I personally think some of the shows nowadays are really geared up to help with the education and development of our children. I especially think that some of the shows can spark an interest with the child that the parent or carer should then develop. Take I can cook, this can help with getting children excited about making things and give parents or carers the confidence to let the child get involved. The interaction that children get with some of the shows is great and I do think it is a balance.

I for one love the Teletubbies, I think it is great and so funny. For more information about Teletubbies, you can visit their website.

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