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Lego PeopleWe love Lego in our house, it really is a staple.  I remember as a kid, we used to save up all of our pocket money and head to the toy shop on Lothian Road to get the next instalment for our village that we were building in my dad’s basement – There was many a weekend with my step sister and brother and brother building things.  Back then everything was really small, the things you could make were limited and we could only afford little bits at a time.

Now though, there is so much more scope, we have a police station a fire stationa and everything else, but I don’t know about you, we build stuff and then we keep it there for a while and then deconstruct it and then it goes in the ‘Lego box’. So the other day it was snowing again and Bubbles asked if we could make the police station up again. Yip totally, that’s a great project to do as it was so horrible weather wise and then we got the ‘Lego Box’ out and helpfully at the back of the instructions to build up the police station there is a fabulous inventory of everything you will need to build in – once I got down one A4 page (there were 4 columns) I gave up, the ‘Lego Box’ is just not set up in this way and it was more work to find all of the peices than to build it.

That got me thinking, what do other people do?

Do they keep the original box and everything go back in there, or are you all like me and have boxes of the stuff with not a hope of every rebuilding the bigger stuff.

It was recently Bubbles’ birthday and we found this super site for cheap lego in actual fact there are cheap lots of things, but I particularly like the lego side of things.

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