Make a Plan Monday -18th June 2012

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My best friend lives over in NZ and she recently started blogging, go and pay her a visit at Not So Super Scottish Mummy she started blogging about her journey to be supermum, so I thought Id join her in her Make a Plan Monday. Rufus, you need to get a linky on your blog for thisSo there we have it my list of four things to do this week. Im feeling better already :-)

So the first thing was to get my shower before Grim left, well I managed this some mornings, not all. Event his am when Id had a total of 2.5hrs sleep might need a nap today.

Second thing was to get Bubbles into a routine, well weve both had really bad coughs this week, but. Have to say hes kind of settling in to his own routine. Just typically sleeping while we are out and being a model baby for all to see, then we get home and hes a monkey and not wanting to sleep. Having said that he is only up once at night and so for a breastfed baby that is not bad at all!

My third thing was tidying up after myself, well sadly I failed completely at this one and only actually managed to do this when Grim was in house looking after monkeys so this week we will perfect this!

The last timing was my action list. I did manage to do this, so very happy, I just need to cross some of the little buggers off now. So guess that will be my work for this week.

Also this week I need to sort out the boys room. We get Buddys full size bed tomorrow and Bubbles will be going into his cot in the same room. I may well regret this, but we’ll see. They are both pretty sound sleepers when they are asleep so hope they wont disturb each other. Think this will also help with a bubbles routine as well have a cot and monitor set up properly.

Now I need to shuffle off and change my lawyers appt as Buddys bed is coming. Must do it before I forget!!

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