Milk Drinkers Milk Challenge #Cravendale

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I admit it, I dont drink a lot of milk, well not your run of the mill milk anyway. Buddy is the same, but when we came across Cravendale milk a number of years ago it all changed. Im not sure what is different about the taste, but we all like it and since we were given the Milk Drinkers Milk Challenge, we have been going through 4 litres of milk a week rather than struggling to finish 2.

I do think it is the taste, Buddy will now ask for a glass of milk both with his breakfast and his supper, usually he opts for juice, so this is a good healthy option which makes me very happy.

It seems hell try to have it with anything, he even asked for a glass when have Ragu this evening. Generally he has toast and jam with his milk.

What do you have your glass
of ice cold milk with?

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