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Picture by Christian Cooksey/ on behalf of the Scottish Government and the Big Partnership
As part of the PlayTalkRead initiative, the Scottish Government launched Play Ball Campaign during a baby and toddler group at Scotstoun Sports Campus in Glasgow. Joining the group where Judy Murray who is now a gran and Minister for Children and Young People Aileen Campbell.
Pictured in the Play Ball Dispensers are Georgia aged 1 (left) and Kaitlyn Allan aged 3 with back LtoR. Russell Allan (dad), Judy Murray and Ailleen Campbell.
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Judy Murray has teamed up with the PlayTalkRead campaign to encourage parents and carers of 0-3 year olds to Play Ball with their wee ones.  We had a ball, I have to say. We received the ball last Tuesday when Buddy was at school, so Bubbles opened it and immediately asked if we could play with it in the Livingroom.  Its a soft ball made of a nice tactile material that Bubbles loved the feel of.

We rolled it to each other along the floor and before long, Bubbles was throwing it higher, so I had to stand up to catch it!  He was in hysterics, it was really nice that something so simple had made him laugh so much.  We goofed around for ages, tried rolling it through our legs, then we tried to catch each others throw. He thought it was fabulous.  Not only did we have fun, but its great for stimulating their motor skills and helps to build their hand-eye coordination.

The ball came with some ideas too, some of which I have since shared with friends and they were really surprised at how simple they were.  Here are the ideas:

  1. Rolling around  Simply roll the ball back and forth to your little one, sit them on your lap or roll it together.
  2. Kitchen basketball  pop your little one on the kitchen floor and set out pots and pans. Help them land the ball inside.
  3. Loo roll bowling alley  line up empty toilet roll tubes, or plastic bottles, and roll the ball to knock them down.
  4. Parachutes  grab an end of a towel or pillow case each, place  the ball in the middle and have fun throwing it in the air! Can you land it back again?
  5. Up and away  find something to throw the ball over, maybe a line of cereal boxes, and have a game of volleyball.

For more information about visit PlayTalkRead

You can pick up a FREE PLayTalkRead ball from Mayfield Leisure Centre if you are local.

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