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Buddy Relaxing I don’t know about you, but life these days is so busy and hectic and sometimes a week goes by and I don’t realise until I’m sitting down to write my planner for the week and realise that I am working out what is happening on Monday!

I learned Transcendental Meditation after my father passed away, it was a way of calming down and developing a sort of inner peace that I was struggling with.  I was just overwhelmed with all of the things I had on and had to do that I was struggling to get perspective. I got out of the way of my meditation, that was until I met Pauline, the person who runs Relax Kids in Midlothian.

As I’ve said, as an adult, I find life sometimes overwhelming and don’t stop enough, to smell the roses – but what must it be like for a child growing up with this around them all of the time. Going from school to activities most nights – never getting down time. Well children need to learn how to relax too.

Boys RelaxingRelax Kids is all about mindfulness for children, a place where they can go, learn to relax and learn the art of mindfulness. During the classes they are teaching the children and young people the skills to feel happy, positive and empowered for life! Now I think they should start these classes for adults – every time my boys go, they come back all chilled out, sleep well and seem much more positive in their outlook.

During Easter holidays, there were classes in the first week at The Restoration Yard at Dalkeith. Wow is all I can say – check out this set up

Room Set up

If you want to find out more about Relax Kids in Midlothian, visit their Facebook page  It is a franchise, so if you were wanting to find out more about it in your local area, you could google it – I’d recommend it to anyone.

The children always come home with a craft too – at Easter, they made a lovely Zen Garden each



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  1. Pauline Lawson

    Thanks for the shout out for #RelaxKids and me #RelaxKidsMidlothian !
    Love the pics of your boys all Relaxed.
    I truly believe we need to give all kids the tools to cope with overwhelming moments. Training our minds to relax lets us know how to recall this when we most need it. Your boys work hard to find their settled mind (as it doesn’t come easy) and with a bit of practice all our minds are able to be trained!
    Thanks again –


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